Makena's Girlfriend Mercilessly Trolled Online

After failed attempt to explian exploitation plan

By  | Jun 09, 2021, 09:53 PM  | Drama

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The discussion on paying people with actual money that they can survive on after they have provided you with service has been on the Kenyan trending discussions list for so long, many of us are all too familiar with it.

When was the last time you logged onto Twitter to find a viral thread that had people seething with anger over on the retweets section after the thread creator (most likely a photographer/videographer/stylist/clothes merchant) went ahead to describe in detail how they did a job for somebody who instead of paying them through 'exposure' that they judged the service provider apparently desperately needed? or even tried to get the services of a hardworking individual by saying that they had 'so and so' number of followers that would grant them the clientele that the needed when they were the ones who were in desperate need of some service in the first place? and how did you hear of them if they didn't have the exposure?
It's not even a local thing, people of hundreds of thousands of followers seem to do this all the time even in other countries.
What's most baffling about this is the fact that though such discussions have had service providers make clear stances on where they are at on the subject? influencers still don't seem to get the memo!

People don't survive on exposure, people need to eat their dinner, today!
Well, seems that even after she was on the trending list for being one of those influencers that needed services without paying, Makena's girlfriend Michelle Ntalami went ahead to say that no, she didn't care what people were saying about her on Twitter, she still wanted to be photographed for free.
Her original post was one talking bout her birthday and the giveaway that she was doing.
source; Instagram @michelle ntalami. screenshot by author

She said that she wanted to promote the people that would facilitate the photoshoot, terming it as her #MakeInKe Birthday.
Well, after tons of flack on Twitter with people calling her a spoilt leech, Mitchelle took to her Instagram to set the record straight; she wasn't going to take the offer back, and she didn't care what people said.
The post, age firstly began thanking the people who were interested in what she had to offer but sought to attend to the ones who weren't, calling them the triggered.

She refers to her posts, where she basically talked about her value as an influencer, telling the people that were mad that while they were busy whining and bashing her, others were taking advantage of the offer and recognized the importance of collaboration. She also described the numerous people and brands that she had worked with, saying that seven she had given things for free while she was building her brand and it worked out well for her in the end.

Social media did not take kindly to these posts, in fact, she was trolled even further and most of them went in on her even further, in fact, she is still trending as of now.

She has maintained the happy-on-the-outside facade, but who knows what she is really thinking and/or feeling.

Do you think she was right and everybody else was triggered for the wrong reasons?
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