Makena Njeri’s Lovers Revealed (Photos)

The plot thickens

By  | Nov 10, 2021, 06:08 AM  | Drama

Makena Njeri
Following Michelle Ntalami’s revelation that Makena Njeri had been cheating on her with multiple partners, and that they are now officially broken up, the identities of Makena’s alleged mistresses have started to surface.

Michelle Ntalami shared the news, with her followers on Instagram, through a three-part heartfelt open letter addressed to her lover. In the letter, Ntalami came with receipts as well, showing that her decision wasn’t a whim, but something she had carefully thought out and investigated. She shared with her fans, and all tea-sippers alike, that Makena had been seeing two other women. 
Even though she kept their identities hidden, BNN Kenya followers have helped the Tea Master, Edgar Obare, uncover the supposed identities.

Ntalami had described Makens clandes as, a health worker and a public figure. With these hints, fans were quick on their Insta fingers as they did their investigations to find out who they were.

The Health worker

With investigations complete, the fans alleged that the health worker Makena Njeri was seeing is a lady known as Theycallmedaktari on Instagram. 

Fans went to the extent of piecing evidence together that showed Makena and the health worker at the same places, doing the same things and even subliminally talking about each other on the Gram.   

As if that wasn’t enough evidence, a fan shared a video with BNN, showing Makena, and her supposed lover, in Lamu enjoying a good time together.

The public figure

Fans moved on to the next alleged clande, they noted that they suspected Makena’s public figure mistress to be (wait for it...) Chiki Kuruka, Sauti Sol's Bien Aime’s wife. This one was a bit of a reach, however, as fans only pointed to the fact that the two were in a photo together face to face, like Juliani and Lilian.   

It’s easy though to see why fans would suspect it was Chiki, apart from the two being close and being part of the LGBTQ community, they have been photographed together several times.

If that turns out to be true, we don't believe Bien will have any sleepless nights about it, as he previously claimed that he is okay with allowing (if that is even the appropriate term) his wife, Chiki Kuruka, to have a crush and possibly even a lover in their marriage.

While in a podcast with some of the cast members of "Over 25," the singer confirmed this. While chatting with them, he said a couple of interesting things that have made him the talk of the town.
"You know, speaking for myself, after me I am married to Chiki for 40 or 30 years, aki expecting ati this chile I am the only dude this chile is gonna be with yaani like if somebody tells me ati oh if she goes and she meets the love of her life-the crush of her life, manze jibambe babe." Bien noted.

Keep in mind that Bien is currently married to the brilliant, talented, and attractive Chiki Kuruka, so he wasn't talking about abstracts; he was talking about his real-life relationship and taking a stand. Do you believe Bien's remarks have come back to haunt him?

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