Makena Njeri's LGBTQ+ Beer Launch Backfires

Gay Kenyans people rally against her beer

By  | Jun 17, 2021, 02:06 PM  | Drama

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We've all heard the stories and thought pieces from Kenyans on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram about the state of classism in Kenya.
According to most, people of a higher class seem to get passes in almost everything they do, especially when it comes to setting up financially beneficial systems that serve to only fatten their pockets, and not actually impact change into society, even when that is what they claim them to do, while when people of a lesser societal standing do the same, they seem to get a whole lot more backlash and flack fro trying to benefit from their 'problem' unless their talent or product is so out of this world that people have no choice but to 'vibe with it."

Ring a bell?
What is kind of baffling is that, in the LGBTQ community, they tackle the same kind of problems despite the united front they tend to give to the public, and many of the people caught in the middle are more than affected by it.
It has come to social media's attention that some members of the LGBTQ society have only come out to profit from the skirmish that arises from havening such a dynamic stand on the topic.

Specifically, one Makena Njeri.
Kenyans queer community on social media is not a strong or large one, but they are the kind that knows their voices are often stifled, so when they come out, they do it loud and they cause a scene. They are also very proud of it by the way.

Well, a number of them have come out against the beer launch that Makena did two days ago, with allegations that she was only doing it to get some money out of the crowd that had grown to fearlessly support her.
According to them, her social standing as a wealthy queer woman was something that gave her a much higher spot than lesser wealthy queer people who have been doing this for much longer than she had.

For one, many did not believe that she just 'came out. This was unbelievable because, many people already thought she was a lesbian, to begin with! Many already believed that she was in a relationship with the Marini Naturals CEO, Michelle Ntalami!
To be frank, this was not news, everybody already did know that she was a strong member of the queer community, this was even proven by the need she had to clear up that Michelle was just her friend and nothing more. But what about the valentine's posts and the 'couples' photoshoot?

She announced the launch of her Bold Website and people were proud of her for making such an initiative but many Kenyan queer people were surprised to find that it came with a brand new beer label too and felt quite blindsided by the act.

To them, she was taking advantage of her social standing, and instead of using that to further her activism, she simply made beer for queer and queer supporters to drink!

To them, this also did a lot to take away from queer people of a poor social standing who actually wanted to impact society.

What do you think of the beer launch? Was it authentic to you? 
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