Makena Njeri Loving The Attention?

Makena says the attention is getting them seen and heard

By  | Nov 14, 2021, 11:48 AM  | Drama

Makena Njeri
Makena Njeri recently broke her silence on the fact that Michelle Ntalami accused her of cheating on her with two other lovers.

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Michelle made these claims via her Instagram page, through a three-part open letter posted on her page, accompanied with photos of herself. Well, Makena Njeri chose to reply in kind, she took to their (Makena identifies as non-binary and their preferred pronoun is they/them) page to share a two-part message of their own. 
In the message, them let the world know that what Michelle did by airing their dirty laundry isn’t their cup of tea, and thus them had no choice but to speak up. Makena went on to point out, in the first part of the message,  that Michelle shouldn’t have exposed the ladies them is alleged to have cheated with. Them notes the reason she chose to speak up was that friends and family were being dragged into a personal tiff. 

"I am writing a public statement to say that the recent drama is not about my choices and certainly not the community that I love and cherish so much. The recent drama is a manifestation of an internal turmoil that is unresolved. I say this with empathy and compassion," Makena noted.

Them pointed out that since the issue was between two people (them and Michelle) they should have handled it internally. Makena noted that their relationship was ugly and Michelle was bringing in people (the alleged lovers) in order to seem like she won their dispute. 

In the second part of Their message, Makena noted that she will continue to be bold in speaking up to a community she loves (Makena is a well-known advocate of Kenya’s LGBTQ) community. Makena also noted that this situation will only serve in making them stronger.

Makena went on to note that the drama and the noise around their situation mean that they (the community) are significant. Them pointed out that If they were not making society raise their consciousness and stand in their own truth - whatever that may be - there would be no drama. 

Them further explained that the attention, although hurtful, is in itself a statement. The attention, them added, means that (the community) is being seen and heard. Them went on to call upon other members of the community to be bold in embracing their beliefs.

Makena seems to have been irked by Michelle airing their dirty laundry as she concluded with the statement that issues between two people should be solved between them, and no other people should be involved in the situation.

"Like every human being who is in a relationship, keep what is personal, private. It is only the two people in that relationship who will ever know the truth and no one owns any explanation in life." Makena concluded.

Do you agree with Makena? Do you think couples should handle issues internally? Or do you stand by Michelle going public with her truth? Let us know.  

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