Makena Njeri And Michelle Ntalami Are Over

The breakup we never expected

By  | Sep 30, 2021, 01:50 PM  | Drama

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Rumours about the two no longer the being iconic duo they were purported to began swirling yesterday evening when their fans started realizing that the two were no longer liking or commenting on each other’s picture.

In the age of social media, following your friends is kind of mandatory, I mean how else are you supposed to know you’re actually friends, amirite? 

The rumours turned into confirmation when people realized that’s they weren’t following each other either before it got even more interesting.

Have they been throwing silent jabs at each other this whole time? Today Makena posted on her Instagram a picture of herself with Michelle with a simple caption ‘ciao’ and a kissy emoji, basically confirming everything we suspected about the two.

It seems like something went very wrong over the past month because the last time they were seen together was around three weeks ago when they went out for a girls night with their friends.

Since then, clearly, the tension has been building, because they did not post or write to each other online. 

Makena and Michelle had what looked to be a real friendship. From their year of sharing their lives on Social media, they seemed to have helped each other get through many difficult times in their lives and were incredibly close. They revealed that they had known each other for more than a decade –Makena had supported Michelle through opening her company Marini Naturals and so had Michelle been there to spearhead the launch of Makena’s Bold Initiative.

The two were so close that many of their fans believed that they were a couple. They had some numerous ’couple-esque’ shoots, had gone on several holidays together and even revealed that they each call the other’s parents ‘mum’ and ‘dad’. Pretty intriguing.

 All of that was however disproved when during the launch of Bold, Makena revealed that she was indeed a lesbian, but Michelle was nothing but a support system for her.

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Makena had an interview with Terryanne Chebet yesterday on Conversations with Terryanne where she talked about Bold Network and explained that LGBTQ history needed to be put into the CBC system. Michelle who would have been all over that –supporting, reposting, giving her thoughts, did not make a single move and for the first time in a while, she has stayed mum on social media this entire day, hasn’t even responded to Makena’s tag.

It isn’t clear who is mad at whom, but Makena seems readier to terminate their friendship. Michelle is taking a day off.

Makena is doing very good in herself career-wise and so is Michelle but everybody needs somebody they can lean on. The truth is, friendship breakups hurt way more than romantic breakups do. The time, patience, and effort friendships require make them all the more dear. Sometimes even dearer than our families. 

Let’s wait and see what happens. 

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