Makena Kando; Kaz And Her Two Lesbian Lovers Show Off

A throuple kind of love

By  | Jan 21, 2021, 08:59 AM  | Drama

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Before there was Makena Njeri and her not so out lesbian life, there was Karen Lucaz aka Kaz. Kaz has been in the entertainment industry for over a decade and has been very open about her association with the LGBTQ community. Kaz is a member of the rainbow community and very proud of it. 

Well, recently Kaz shared some pictures of herself and her two lesbian partners. Kaz Lucas has never hidden the fact that she is in a love triad with two other women, one of who prefers the pronouns β€œthey or them”.

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Kaz and her partners Dame Yankee and Magic Dyke have been dating for a year now. They went on holiday to Mombasa where they encountered some homophobs and Kaz did not take too kindly to them.

She shared a post with all three of them. She later deleted the cation and shared another one.
Speaking on an Instagram Live a day ago January 19th, where all three made an appearance, Magic explained the genesis of their Throuple.

β€œKaz initiated the throuple situation. when I first met Kaz I was interested in her being a play partner not romantic relationship of mine because we were open. The first thing I said to kaz is, β€˜don’t fall in love with me, you are not allowed to catch feelings. If that happens we must stop everything’. She was like we will see if I even want that d.”

Magic Dyke who prefers to go by they and them, said Kaz came up with the idea. She continued;

β€œShe was like have you ever been in a throuple situation I was like nooo. Then dame and I had a conversation amongst ourselves and we were like are we doing this? And we were like yeah.”

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