Makena And Michelle Get Hot

The kissing video making rounds!

By  | Jul 17, 2021, 05:35 PM  | Drama

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Makena Njeri and Michelle Ntalami have been the biggest names making rounds in the industry for the past month or so, both for good and for bad reasons. Makena first went ultra viral when she confirmed that she was indeed a lesbian, using this publicity to launch her new Bold line of beers and event that was geared towards meeting other members of the LGBTQIA community and mingling but faced a lot of backlash for using her sexuality for profits! Michelle, on the other hand, went viral on Twitter when she announced a birthday photoshoot that she was planning, revealing that she wanted the photoshop to be free, even adding that she wanted to keep any of the items she wanted! This did not bode well for both of them.

What they really got famous on the internet for was, however, very different. The reveal that Makena was gay in all truths, was not really a reveal. Many people already knew that she was a lesbian or at least suspected so because she was said to be dating Michelle! The truth was whatever they did they always looked like a couple and it seemed like they were getting way more than cosy with each other as the days passed and Makena's confession was really more confusing because we already knew that!

Due to all of the confusion that was going around, Makena and Michelle thought to come out with the truth about what was happening between that and reveal that they had been best friend this entire time even though we all thought they were overs. Michele said that she wad in fact bi and thought she got attention from women, preferred men's attention and Makena said that she had a girlfriend a d it was not Michelle.
However, a certain video had just come out and it's looking like there is a lot more to the story that we all know. The video, which was a simple video of Makena and Michelle, revealed that the two women were drunk and things were getting steamy there! It showed a drunk looking Michelle leaning over Michelle seductively and sensually kissing her cheek while caressing Makena's lips with her fingers! Makena was simply looking at the camera seemingly proud but dazed.
The video only served to prove several things but did not confirm whether they were dating in secret and not telling their fans as any celebrity would.
The video arose some questions; could have the entire 'coming out' story have been a ploy to get her Bold business and beer out there and the two were actually dating?

It would make sense because she went viral and her business for sure kicked off after the announcement. They two have always taken couple-esque pictures and were said to have been together for years even, Say what you must but Michelle has never been associated with anyone romantically, even men, but has always been Makena's girl.
Could it all simply have been a rouse?
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