Lynn Ngugi Responds To Fraud Allegations

What's the deal?

By  | Sep 28, 2021, 04:07 PM  | Drama

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Lynn Ngugi and Tuko have just been hit by some pretty scandalous accusations a few moments ago and the internet is going berserk over it.

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A lady that goes by the name Mercy Atis came fourth on BNN, Edgar Obare’s second official channel to announce that she had been hoaxed by Tuko, claiming that she did not receive enough money from the production company, and revealed that Lynn Ngugi is not the person that everybody takes her to be. 

Mercy Atieno, the famed ‘I don’t give a d**n’ singer went onto BNN to reveal that even after she had shared her story and it had garnered millions of views she did not get much from Tuko apart from periodic small amounts of KES 100, 200, etc. According to her, she went on to the comment section and asked the people to give her a ‘small KES 100,000'  for her story but instead of helping her out, they ignored and blocked her and now that Lynn was no longer on Tuko, she felt freer to express her grievances.

 She continued, saying that she later received a call from Lynn Ngugi who then proceeded to threaten her, telling her that she was going to call some of her former colleagues from Mombasa that said Mercy ‘ruined their lives’ if she did not do a follow-up to the interview. She made a point to say that during this phone call Lynn was not the same warm lady she had met earlier.

Mercy finished her rant by requesting that Tuko pull her story down, saying she felt betrayed and unappreciated. 

This story took social media aflame, mostly because Tuko is known for helping people –not ripping them off!

Lynn Ngugi then quickly posted her response to the allegations that were quickly gaining track. 

On her Instagram, she posted screenshots of her conversation with Mercy, and she began looking extremely suspicious…

The screenshots revealed a very different story. Turns out, Mercy was the one begging for a follow-up, seemingly because she was low on cash and Lynn was the one that could not come through. But Lynn opened up about much more than that.

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She revealed that some women wanted to expose Mercy for running a brothel in Mombasa which was alleged to have teenagers in it. Lynn also said that Mercy confessed on a video call that she was only doing it for views and attention, and Lynn had even given her money from her own pocket because of transport. She finished by saying that the audience had even sent in more than the KES 100k and Mercy was now required to refund that money.

So, Lynn was completely innocent. 

This is the first time Lynn had ever encountered a participant that was not grateful for the help she had given. She revealed that this had shaken her, but she was not going to give up doing something that had fulfilled her for so long because of one step back. 

I wonder... Does the story sound familiar?

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