Lulu Hassan Defends Jovial From Goat Wives

Haiya Lulu amesema mtulie sasa!

By  | May 12, 2022, 09:50 AM  | Drama

Lulu Hassan and Jovial

Following Jovial’s comments about women coming after her following a viral video that showed her dancing with Rashid Abdalla, his wife, Lulu Hassan has finally come out to defend the singer against the hate she has been getting. 

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Even though the three appeared to be having innocent fun in the video, some fans may have taken it seriously, and according to Jovial, they went after her on social media. Jovial revealed this in a post on her Instagram stories, which Nairobi Gossip Club captured and uploaded on their Instagram page.

Jovial writes in her message that people were attacking her because of the viral video while she was simply performing her job. We understand her perspective since Jovial is a performer, and performing includes dancing. As a result, people are less enthusiastic about Jovial.

She went on to say that the haters (mainly women) were targeting her because they were hurt in their own relationships and were transferring their pain onto her. Do you agree with Jovial's point of view?

Rashid and Lulu are Jovial's superiors, thus she holds them in high regard and admires their love. She went on to tell the women who were attacking her to take care of themselves and quit bothering her.

As a final note, Jovial stated that she got paid well for her performance at the birthday party and that she was unconcerned about what the naysayers were saying about her.

Following Jovial’s comments, Lulu Hassan took to Jovial’s Instagram comment section to reassure the masses that all was well between all parties concerned in the dancing video. Lulu took her time to thank Jovial for her performance during the birthday. 

She noted that apart from her and Rashid being her bosses, they were her number one fans. According to Lulu, Jovial is destined for greatness in her music career. She went on to note that Jovial did a great job on the night and personally she had no complaints. 

Here is the infamous video

The video was posted by a Twitter user who goes by the name @beth_kasinga. In the video, Rashid who was celebrating his 40th birthday party (which Lulu had planned for him by the way) was in the middle of dancing with Jovial when out of nowhere Lulu came to interrupt their almost-sweet moment together.

This certainly showed Lulu’s jealous side, even though she seemed to be joking, the Twitter user who posted the clip noted that on her part she wouldn’t let another woman dance with her man as well if she was present with him. 

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