Lady Jaydee Speaks On Vanessa Mdee’s Decision To Quit Music

I understand her

By  | Sep 04, 2020, 06:26 AM  | Lady JayDee  | Drama

Approximately 3 months ago. Kenyan musician Vanessa Mdee came out to announce to the public that she was putting a halt on her music career after years of having a good run in the industry, something that shocked her fans.

After making that announcement, most people came out to ridicule her saying that her boyfriend, popular actor, Rotimi must have been the reason why she quit. Her other reasons as to why she quit, like saying that the music industry is demonic did not help either. But that being said, she stood by her decision and addressed the whole situation via her podcast.

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Now fellow artist and legend in the industry, Lady Jaydee has come out to share her sentiments on Vanessa Mdee quitting the industry, and contrary to most people that judged her, she is actually commiserating with her. Speaking to Bongo 5, the chanteuse who is celebrating 20 years in the entertainment industry said she understands why Mdee shockingly slammed the brakes on her thriving career three months ago.

According to Lady JayDee, not all can withstand the pressure or survive long in a cutthroat culture. She explained that the US-based star who unceremoniously exited the stage soon after confirming her relationship with Power actor Olurotimi 'Rotimi' Akinosho should supported.

“I totally understand Vanessa Mdee and get where she is coming from; other people may not. The journey is not easy. Not all can persevere and withstand the tribulations. So, when she opens up and narrates what she has gone through, she should be respected and supported. From the explanation she gave, she did not want to be mixed up with what she saw. There is no musician who can quit. Music is addictive.” she said.
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Lady JayDee also shared the secret to her longevity in the game saying it is truth that has kept her going. “When you write and sing about a true story, you create a genuine connection. The life we all live in is the same; we have shared experiences. A story of battery in Mwanza is no different from one in Dar, so, when you sing about it, you link worlds. When it rings true, it has a longer shelve life. Very few things stand the test of time, things change - people too.” 

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