KRG Reveals How His Sister-In-Law Ruined His Marriage

Sister from hell?

By  | Feb 01, 2023, 05:27 PM  | KRG  | Drama

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Controversial artist and businessman KRG The Don has finally narrated what prompted him to take back his car from his ex-wife and what was the cause of their divorce.

Talking to Mungai Eve, KRG stated that his ex-wife lost everything after their divorce, from her children to her extravagant lifestyle to her husband, and that in a way he is never going to reconcile with her.

Explaining the reason for their breakup, KRG revealed that his ex-wife has never been an independent thinker and has always relied on her friends and sisters for advice, and they seem to have given her the wrong advice, and his efforts to salvage their 10 years of marriage bore no fruit.

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The father of two told Eve that her wife's sister who lived in Qatar for 13 years ruined their marriage, he said that she was always envious of his wife for her lifestyle which was funded by KRG. He added that he hated so much saying she spent 13 years in Qatar and came back with nothing. 

He said that his wife thought that her life would remain the same after their divorce, and she was even asking for maintenance fees. He stated that he made sure that she had no access to their money or businesses, he even reclaimed the car he had given her as a gift.

Responding to a question about why he would take back the car worth Kshs. 6 million, KRG revealed that his wife wanted to sell it and buy a smaller one and start a business with the remaining money, he angrily said that he had gifted her for being the mother of her kids, and now that she had chosen to listen to her friends, she did not deserve anything from him.

He has also divulged that she has become reckless and that her company of friends is wanting, he has said that her friends are prostitutes masquerading as clothes and shoe sellers who sell themselves to men in rich neighborhoods.

Talking about his kids' custody, KRG stated that he was given full custody of his kids, one of whom is 10 years old and the other is 5 years old. He said that their mother was unfit and that she had turned into a drug addict. "Anakunywanga sleeping pills ndo alale" 

He has also revealed that she is battling with sexual diseases as a result of her recent lifestyle, he has stated that she does not want anything to do with her and that she should seek help from a therapist before she is completely broken.

Responding to a claim that he hasn't moved on, KRG stated that they had been married for a long time and that moving on will take time for both him and his ex-wife, but he considers himself fortunate because he has work and parenting to keep himself busy, unlike his baby mama, who is probably doing drugs to numb the pain of the divorce.

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