'He Is A Rapist.'- KRG Hits Back At Benzema

Things head South

By  | Sep 22, 2020, 07:22 AM  | KRG  | Drama

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I think it is now safe to say that KRG is on a row! It has been barely a fortnight since he engaged in a war of words with gengetone group, The Sailors in a perceived beef that has been going on for a while but on the low. It however escalated recently after the Sailorz called out KRG in one of their songs following an argument that involved money issues stemming from about 4 months ago. As you can imagine this war was quite an ugly one. In fact, we do not know if it has completely been resolved.

In the meantime, just when we thought we had taken a break from that saga, another one has arose and this time round, it is between KRG and Benzema. Benzema who recently had an interview with one of Jalang’o TV’s presenters went ahead to mention a few intriguing things on the show involving Benzema nd another artist known as Arrow Boy. 

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He was speaking on the kind of music the two artists make and pointing out how it is not really up to standard and appealing compared to the kind that he makes. He sort of dissed their style in comparison to his. To confirm the allegations, he seems to pull out a few statistics from YouTube and other music reports to back his statements, something that further annoys KRG.

As you can imaginge KRG had to fire back as soon as he came across the video, and the comments that he made towards Benzema were very brutal and are about to cause another war on these streets.

‘’I don’t want to be liked by a RAPIST. We don’t work to be paid by views keep your views to yourself but give me my cash 💰. My kids need more money not more views on youtube🚨. Big Up Boondocks Gang {Odi Wa Murang’a, Exray and Edu Madox} Rekless, Ricco Gang & Wakali wao.’’
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