King Kaka Gets Hacked!

Music goes missing

By  | Jun 25, 2020, 09:50 AM  | King KaKa  | Drama

The hacking spree that has been ongoing in different East African countries with major concentration in Uganda has now crossed over to the Kenyan side to prey on celebrity accounts that have a huge following.

In the recent past, hackers have been targeting celebrity social media accounts with a huge number of followers to take advantage of their subscribers or extort huge amounts of money from the celebrities for them to recover their accounts. In the case of Uganda, celebrities like Irene Ntale and Anne Kansiime in fact resorted to letting their accounts go and created new ones to move on while others like Zari Hassan did whatever she could to recover hers.

The wave that has now hit Kenya has not spared our very own King Kaka. When his songs went missing on his YouTube channel, most people thought it was intended until they realized that he had actually been hacked.
Photo Credit: Youtube

There is a YouTube scam that is going around where hackers take control of a channel and ask people to send them bitcoin, promising to return twice as much. The scammers use a recent interview of Space X CEO Elon Musk to pull in people and keep them ‘entertained’ while their main goal is to swindle them.

King Kaka is not the first Kenyan to fall prey to these hackers. If you are keen, I am sure you noticed that they took control of Khaligraph’s account earlier, the only difference is that he was able to regain control of it.

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