Kibe Speaks His Mind On Kabi Wa Jesus Confession

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By  | Jul 06, 2022, 01:13 PM  | Drama

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The whole of this week Kabi Wa Jesus has been trending on social media. If you are not up to speed here is what happened. See on Friday Kabi was recorded standing on the pulpit confessing that he has had sexual relations with his cousins.
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Well, that was not news as it was already in the public domain that the content creator had a relationship with one of his cousins who went on to bear him a child. What was new to the public was him confessing that he didn't just have sexual relations with one cousin but quite a number.
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"People said that I am a bad person. Before I got born again, this was not an issue. She was not the first one. I had slept with so many others. What are you talking about? The one who got pregnant is the only one that you know," he explained.

Now this confession had Kenyans online going wild arguing that the content creator went too far. Speaking at Reign City Chapel on Friday, July 1, the award-winning content creator noted that he did many bad things, including abusing drugs, before he got saved on September 15, 2013.

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"Years later, I got into drugs. I started taking alcohol. I smoked my first weed when I was in Class 3. I stopped for a while and continued when I was in Class 5. When all these things are happening, I'm thinking it's normal because it is what the world does," he observed.

Reacting to that story Kibe made all the fun he could of the Kabis' adding that they were only looking for a story to make them trend since that is how they make a living.

Kibe further went on to tell  Kabi to stop blaming the devil for his lame behavior, because according to Kabi he did all those things before he got saved and it was the devil tempting him to do them. 

"Even when I was the devil I was not sleeping with my cousins, you guys are out here sleeping with cousins? No wonder this message takes time before it picks traction."  

The past comes  Haunting

So what happened last year was that one of Kabi's cousins came out to say that he has a child together with Kabi. Seeing that Kabi is a public figure the content creator came out to deny all the allegations adding that he knows nothing to do with her.
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A few days later DNA was conducted on the child and Kabi and the results came out 99.9% Kabi's daughter. At this point, Kabi was forced to swallow his words and admit that he was indeed the father.

His wife Milly came out to support him as she vowed to love the child as her own and provide everything she may need.

Him now reviving the story that was long dead has had people reading malice into it with many suggesting that the couple are out to chase clout. 
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