Khaligraph Finished By Kibe

How will he get out of this?

By  | Apr 30, 2021, 11:22 AM  | Khaligraph Jones  | Drama

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It's official, the OG Khaligraph Jones is receiving blows from all other bigwig angles of the Celeb Gang and it appears he's getting defeated by them too.
from Otile Brown, Octipizzo (the biggest hit yet), Bein Aime Sol, and now Andrew Kibe, not to mention a majority of his fans Khalipgraph seems to be alone in this fight.

Today Morning, according to a story by The Nairobi Gossip Club, Andrew Kibe has gone on in his online Radio Station Rogue TV on The Kibe Show and given the Mazishi banger creator Khaligraph Jones another kick to the chest. 
On the segment, he said,
good morning Khaligraph Githae Jones! i'm waiting for the new track that will usher in the new Presidency. there must be a track there mist be a Tano Tena Khaligraph Jones edition. Khaligraph na Ben Githae waingie kwa studio watoe track moja watuambie nani tunavotia. That, The OG, im willing to Pay for. Ata kama ntauza hii laptop nitauza. I'll pay for Studio Time. Khaligraph na ben Githae. Hiyo ngoma ikitokea Twitter wil go crazy 'Khaligraph Githae Jones."
The radio presenter was talking sarcastically about Khaligraph's day with the deputy president and the other artists in the industry. in the excerpt, he insinuated that Khaligraph, like Ben Githae, was going to sell out to the government's regime to earn a few bucks at the expense of misleading Kenyans.

Kibe, was in normal character today except that he was actually on the right side this time round! He has been a sore topic for many Kenyans, specifically women and some men particularly due to the foul-mouthed language, misogynistic, and sexist ways that he insists on pedaling to the public on an almost daily basis, preaching topics like 'manly' respect, paying for dates, taking a partner home, being a man at the expense of your woman and plenty other increasingly red-pilled discussions aimed at undermining and devaluing the women in our lives.

fortunately, when after another one of his rants and backlash on social media, Kibe resigned his presenter post on Kiss FM and that was a moment of celebration for many Kenyan women and supporters everywhere; they thought they had been rid of him for good.
However, the bloke had had an ace up his sleeve and had been making plans to open up his own online radio station dubbed Rogue Radio and from there, the man has been making outrageous statements left and right on The Andrew Kibe Show in attempts to capture the attention of women everywhere but they had long since forgotten about him ever since they were not forced to listen to him on public radio and his devoted listeners would follow him keenly back to his remote corner of the internet. 
Khaligraph is yet to respond, but when Andrew Kibe looks better than you in a fight, then you definitely know something's wrong. A large , majority of the OG's fan club belongs to young impressionable people who are yet to make it in life so look up to him relentlessly so he may be in a lot more hot soup than he is making believe!
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