Khaligraph Reveals He Was Arrested In The US

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By  | Jun 18, 2021, 09:43 AM  | Khaligraph Jones  | Drama

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Kenyan hip hop artist, Khaligraph Jones is finally speaking about his recent US trip.

Speaking to Kamene and Jalang’o on KISS FM, Khaligraph revealed that his trip wasn’t what he expected it to be.

Khaligraph has revealed that when he landed in the US, he faced discrimination from the immigration offices.

According to the hip hop artist, Khaligraph was discriminated against because of how he looks. 

“You know when you look like someone like me…you look suspicious. In America when you have a tattoo on your neck, they automatically think you were once in prison,” said the rapper.

Khaligraph revealed that when he explained that his purpose for visiting the US was to shop, the immigration officials did not believe him. However, Khaligraph says that the immigration offices finally let him through after much convincing.

Khaligraph, who was in the US about 2 weeks ago, dropped a new jam, NIKWA NI SHOKE, on Monday after he landed back in Kenya.

Speaking to KISS FM’s radio presenters, Khaligraph revealed that he wrote his new jam in his hotel room. The music video shot in the US is probably one of his best with fans expressing their love for the song and video.

His new song comes after Bahati, released a diss track to Kenyan musicians including Khaligraph.

On Wednesday, the rapper took to Instagram to concede defeat against Bahati whose new album is trending much more than his new song.

Khaligraph has also been accused of stealing the Kwani ni Kesho lyrics by an upcoming artist, Tano Nane who took to Instagram to call out Khaligraph.

Khaligraph is yet to respond to the allegations by Tano Nane but his silence and release of the song say a lot.

The rapper is not the only one to be accused of stealing lyrics. Just the other day, Mejja’s Tabia za Wakenya was taken down from YouTube after another artist claimed that he had stolen his song idea. Mejja took to Instagram to express his anger with fans consoling him. 

About Khaligraph

Brian Ouko Robert is one of Kenya’s most renowned musicians. He officially entered the music industry in 2018 when he released his first full album. 

The rapper is known for his many hits including Tuma Kitu, Hao, Yes Bana and Kwenda. He is the most sought after Kenyan rapper as of today alongside the likes of Octopizzo who is also known to have a long-running beef with.

He is married to Georgina Muteti and together they have two kids.

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