Kenyans Troll New Company 'Hana Kuma'

Lost in translation...

By  | Jun 22, 2022, 01:17 PM  | Drama

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Kenyans online have been having a lot of fun at the expense of Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka and basketball superstar Lebron James.

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Yesterday, an excited Naomi Osaka announced a new media partnership to create content in Hollywood. She hooked up with another company owned and run by Lebron James. But, when the name of Naomi's new company was announced, it left Kenyans and Kiswahili speakers in general in major stitches.

The company's chosen name is Hana Kuma. And although it may have a mild meaning in the Japanese language, it has a very unfortunate and dirty Kiswahili translation, which roughly means; Without Vagina.

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"I’ve built my career taking a different approach than those around me and because my journey has been so different it’s opened my eyes to all the incredible stories out there that aren’t getting told. Stories that are global, about a variety of cultures and points of view, about important social issues. That’s why I’m launching Hana Kuma, a media platform focused on stories that are culturally specific but universal. Stories that are bold and playful like me.
I’m incredibly proud to be building a business that is a true reflection of me and I couldn’t think of a better partner than @kingjames to do this. I’m so excited to do this with him," Naomi Osaka gushed on her Instagram announcement.
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Lebron James followed up with a post of his own saying:

"There’s reason we call ourselves an Empowerment Company.  This incredible woman and the stories she is going to bring to life is EXACTLY what we about!!!Incredibly proud to call her my partner."

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Kenyans quickly took to the comments to have fan with the Hana Kuma company name. It has been the top trending topic on twitter all day today. Here are some of the best reactions:

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"My name is Dick Mbûrû reporting for Hana Kuma TV, back to you Tom Barasa in Studio"

Me: "Hana Kuma is just a media channel."
My dad:

My heart goes out to all Kenyan youths who will have the task of convincing their parents “hana Kuma" is also a brand name for a media company😭😂

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