Is It Time We Had That LGBTQ Conversation?

Kenyan Trans woman shares an experience

By  | May 25, 2021, 01:16 PM  | Drama

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Former Journalist Makena Njeri made headlines over the weekend after publicly coming out as gay. This was a shock to many as Kenyans, or rather Africans because they do not relate to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, LGBTQ. 

Makena recently launched an organization, Bold Network Africa. The organization seeks to educate and inform Africans about the issues of LGBTQ. She plans on achieving this by using film, (she is a journalist), training, and documentaries to help press on the issue more and for people to understand better. 

Fans have lauded her for being so bold and identify with who she really is. I mean, with the backlash, it would be hard for one to even move forward with future plans. For Makena Njeri however, she has decided enough is enough and she will publicly embrace who she really is. 

Trans woman Letoya Johnstone recently shared her story of how she was kicked out of a nightclub for being who she is- at least that’s what she says. 

Letoya Johnstone has revealed that she was kicked out of Milan last week and told to sit outside. Letoya said she went to the washroom and once she came back, she was not allowed to sit inside. 

She urged her trans community to avoid the club by all means as they are anti-trans. She went live on her Instagram and said:

 Transgender's dehumanizing experience. " we are able to love ourselves. Learn to respect us enough to walk out with us when we are wrongly treated . post something on your social media to tell what happened. what if i could have died?

Love is just a word . It is the action that is more valid . ❤️
 xo Xo
 Toy Toy Baby- Kill it with love

 When I came, I was allowed to sit in. I even went to the washrooms and finished fixing myself. Went back to my sear and placed my order. Drinks on the table. All of a sudden a bouncer comes to our table asks me to follow her, which I did with total humility and utmost respect.

Below are some reactions from her followers

😢 all is well osiepa

Everyone deserves to be loved 😍

Those are not your friends 🗑️.

Mos mama.....people should just style up

So sorry about that terrible experience 😢. You are a beautiful soul. Get new friends Letoya🙌
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