Karen Nyamu Risks Her Life

With a baby on the way?

By  | Oct 12, 2021, 04:05 PM  | Drama

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Karen Nyamu has just posted a story on her Instagram and we're beginning to get worried!

Karen took to her Instagram to post a story of herself literally risking her life, and even explained why she does not subscribe to non-faith based beliefs when it comes to her own safety.

She posted herself in the back of a ‘nduthi’ riding free and captioned it “leo imebidi. Watu wa where is your helmet, where is your faith.” With laughing emojis to boot.

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Many people might think of this as a non-emergency but when you really get into it… -It’s an emergency in all of its rights. 

Accidents that occur with Motorcycles are almost always the most grizzly and non-survivable., and well, did you know that helmets stop the death risk by 37% and head damage by 69% and when you think about it like that, it suddenly becomes a lot clearer why she should have just gone on ahead and worn that filthy helmet no matter how disgusting it seemed.

Karen Nyamu has exhibited the fact that she prefers to put her and her incoming child's safety and health in the power of God time and time again, for one, she has rarely worn a mask since the pandemic started (as is evidenced by the many lives she does and insta stories she posts while out), and not just that, she also is rarely seen in a seatbelt when she is on drives in her four-wheeler!

The fact that she is around five months pregnant does not put any calmness into the situation.

Her fans were definitely not too excited about her lack of precaution –there has been an eerie number of celebrities that have gotten into car accidents –some even lost their lives.

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Famous celebrities like E-Sir, AKA (Aiyeiya) and famed Athlete Nicholas Bett lost his their lives to horrific road accidents, and for a beloved celebrity to not take precaution as a result, only leads to more pain and tragedy.

Karen has been on the low for the past few months, not really getting into any internet feuds concerning her love life (remember the relationship three-way Karen found herself in a while back before getting pregnant by Sammidoh) and all of it seems to be a result of her incoming little one.

However, for a pregnant mom of one, you would be inclined to think that she’d take a little more care of herself. 

Is the internet bugging or should Karen Nyamu stop moving like she doesn’t have a new child?


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