Karen Nyamu Reveals The Reasons Behind Her Daughter's Name


By  | Apr 18, 2022, 02:12 PM  | Drama

Karen Nyamu Reveals The Reasons Behind Her Daughter
So the former Nairobi Senatorial aspirant Karen Nyamu has finally revealed her daughter to the public. The daughter's name is Wairimu.

You might be interested to know why she was named Wairimu. Apparently, she is named after Samidoh's late mother as she was also called Wairimu.

Karen gave birth to her daughter in February at the peak of her campaign for the Senatorial position in Nairobi. Wairimu is the second child Karen has had with the Mugithi artist Samidoh, with their first son together named after Samidoh.

On giving birth, Karen took leave and left her team under the leadership of her baby daddy Samidoh's sister-in-law to lead the campaigns. She had expressed confidence in their work and had given them authority to represent her in all her campaign activities.

Her naming her daughter after Samidoh's mother confirms that indeed the child belongs to Samidoh. In the past, the two have had a back and forth in regard to that baby.

Samidoh once sent a cryptic message on Tiktok saying that he was not going to raise a child that he had not fathered suggesting that Wairimu is likely not his daughter. 

The two have however lately appeared to mend their relationship as, in a recent photo shared on her Instagram page, Karen shared an image of her still campaigning for UDA. The thing that caught her followers' attention was the fact that Karen was still wearing a Samidoh branded wristband.

They have also been poking fun and jokes at each other on social media with the latest coming from Karen who was suggesting that Samidoh should be appointed to replace Mzee Kibor. We can only be happy for them as they are now finding peace after a long time of conflict and misunderstanding.

Again Samidoh recorded a video with a song in the background which many interpreted to be an apology he was making to Karen for the past confrontations they have had online.

The other thing fans were commenting on was the fact that Karen made it known that she would not be running for the Nairobi Senatorial seat under UDA anymore. In a recent report by The Star, it was revealed that Karen Nyamu stepped down her senatorial bid and will now support Margaret Wanjiru.

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