Karen Nyamu Celebrates Samidoh While Edday Remains Silent

Fathers Day drama

By  | Jun 20, 2022, 08:22 AM  | Drama

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Yesterday was Fathers day and the internet was filled with sons and daughters celebrating their fathers, but baby mamas were not left behind in the celebration.

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One of the celebrations that caught the attention of the netizens was that of Karen Nyamu celebrating her two baby daddies Samidoh and Dj Saint Kevin. In her Instagram post, Karen described them as the most unproblematic baby daddies. She further wished them success in their endeavors so that she can always be going on holidays in the Maldives to take the kids. 

"Today is Father’s Day. And even though I'm not married (yet😜) my babies are lucky as can be to have the most loving, most generous, most unproblematic dads. Thanks for loving my babies, and thanks for being there. You are appreciated, and what you do no one else can do. I pray that you are so successful and wealthy so that Karen Nyamu ashindange Maldives “kupeleka Watoto”😂😂
Happy Father’s Day!," she wrote.

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Though not too familiar to netizens Dj Kevin is Karen's first baby daddy with whom they had her firstborn daughter. In a previous post on her, Instagram Karen pointed out that her daughter resembles him in all ways from looks to character.

Her second baby daddy is none other than Samidoh Muchoki with whom they have had endless dramas for the better part of 2021 and 2022. Karen and Samidoh have two children together.

What struck netizens about the Fathers day celebration was that as Karen was celebrating Samidoh, Samidoh's first wife Eddah remained silent causing speculations on if the two are on good terms or not.

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Well, it is in the public domain that the two have had an on-and-off kind of relationship since it came to light that Samidoh has another woman (Karen ) in his life.

Eddah has mostly appeared to be a victim of Samidoh's and Karen's drama. Her relationship with her husband Samidoh despite being broken appeared to be gaining ground again after Samidoh went on to organize a baby shower for her while she was pregnant.

On the other hand with Kaaren at some point, it had appeared to be going down the drain when he raised suspicions that Karen's third child is not his.

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The two would then go on to have an online war sending each other cryptic messages. At some point, Karen while replying to a fan who had asked her if Samidoh had rejected the baby said that he had not been told that it was his.

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Rumor had it that at the time Karen was cheating with another city politician whom she later denied. Samidoh has never commented regarding the paternity of the baby since she was born but it appears they came to reconciliation.

On the question of why Eddah did not celebrate Samidoh on fathers day, we can't tell for sure if the two are on good terms or not.

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