Woman Thanks Senator Karen For Saving Her Sick Kid's Life With 1K

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By  | Jan 06, 2023, 04:16 PM  | Karen Nyamu   | Drama

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Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has proven her kindness and generosity after sending money to a mother she met online.

From the screenshots shared by the woman called Nancy King'ori, she had asked Karen to send her money to buy medicine for her kid, to her shock, Karen asked for her phone number and without delay sent her 1k.

"Mhesh nisaidie kununulia mtoto wangu dawa please...ni 240 shillings tu na sina." Requested Nancy.

The woman flaunted the transaction message and heartwarmingly thanked her for saving her kid's life. The mother of two has been applauded for helping the woman in her time of need.

"Research inasema kind-hearted people are so unlucky when it comes to love, and Karen can testify my statement ipo siku." one fan commented.

"All the same Karen is a kind-hearted woman; I have met her in person and I can attest to that." Another fan commented.

Karen's love life with Samidoh has flooded social media and this might have made people forget that she is a leader. Her relationship has been rocky since day one because it was well-known that Samidoh was a married man, together they had two kids.
She has in the past been judged for her choices; however, the senator remains unapologetic until recently when things got out of hand after she caused a drama on camera in Dubai.

The duo hit the headlines weeks ago after videos of Karen fighting in Dubai over Samidoh erupted. Karen is said to have gate-crushed Samidoh's concert and went to fight his wife Edday.

The video showed a drunk Karen approaching Samidoh's seat in the club, she then sat despite bouncers trying to hold her back and started holding Samidoh's hand which angered Edday and a fight erupted. 

The drama was ugly and she was forced to announce that she had broken it off with him, she has since toned her drama, and she promised to quit alcohol, one thing is for sure she will always speak her mind.

During a recent debate in parliament, she thanked senators for clearing Kawira Mwangaza, she went on to say that she is among the ambitious people who are planning to vie for the gubernatorial positions and would not expect her husband to be victimized like it was the case with Mwangaza's husband.

Karen talked about double standards when it came to women's leadership, pointing out that she had been a victim recently. Karen was referring to the criticism she received after causing drama in Dubai with her fellow baby mama to Samidoh, Edday Ndiritu. The members of the senate jumped into laughter after her statement.


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