Karen Nyamu Ready To Hurt Anyone Who Steals Her Man

Try at your own risk

By  | Mar 24, 2022, 11:48 AM  | Karen Nyamu   | Drama

Karen Nyamu
Aspiring Nairobi Senatorial candidate Karen Nyamu has revealed that she is ready to deal with any lady trying to steal her man away from her.

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Karen made this revelation on her Instagram Page whereby she posted a video of herself noting that she does not believe in men having female best friends. Even though Karen Nyamu is lipsyncing in the video we got the gist of the message she was conveying.

The audio Karen was mimicking in her video notes that if any woman tries to call her man their best friend she is ready to deal with them without fear or favor. Fans took to the comment section to express their amusement at Karen’s clip and some even noted that they were in agreement with her.

Karen attempts to reach Samidoh

We know you all must be wondering, which boyfriend is Karen talking about? Well, maybe she has already gotten back together with Samidoh. Following the passing of Mzee Kibor, Karen paid her respects to the famous businessman and his legacy as a lady’s man. In the same breath, Karen also attempted to reach out to Samidoh. 

At the time, it seemed as though the aspiring Nairobi Senatorial candidate’s cries for attention were ignored by the popular Mugithi musician. This might have been because Karen’s attempt to reach out, which she shared on her Facebook page, could have been interpreted as a diss by many, including the singing policeman himself.

In her post, Karen noted that Samidoh could take Mzee Kibor’s place as the chairman of the “Men's Conference”. Mzee Kibor, who had four wives and 26 children, was considered as the chairman of this informal and fictitious conference, which was frequently conducted online to encourage men to share ideas on how to deal with their partners.

Is this Samidoh's response?

It took a while but Samidoh seemingly responded to Karen's attempt to reach out.  In a video released to his Tik Tok page, Samidoh appears to be apologising to someone and asking them to come back home. The star took to his page to lipsyncing along to another Mugithi musician’s (Salim Junior’s) song whereby the lyrics are talking about a man wanting his lover back.
In a rough translation of the lyrics, the song goes on to say that ever since the lady left his side, a lot of bad things have come his way. The lyrics Samidoh is singing along to, further note that the lady in question should pick her baby and come back with her ex-lover. Do you think Samidoh is finally acknowledging Njeri as his daughter?

We know Samidoh has two women he could be directing this song too; his wife Edday Nderitu and his side piece Karen Nyamu. The reason we believe the song is directed to Karen is that the song is talking about a lady called Njeri; this is Karen’s middle name and the name of her daughter.
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