Karen Nyamu Expresses Her Disappointment

Politics is a dirty game

By  | Apr 19, 2022, 01:33 PM  | Karen Nyamu   | Drama

Karen Nyamu Expresseses Her Dissapointment
The conclusion of the party primaries for the UDA party has seen some big wigs lose their tickets for the party nomination in the August general elections.

The nominations have also chopped celebrities who were entering the field of politics as well in a similar manner. Among the celebrities who were not satisfied was Mc Jessy who is running for the Imenti South parliamentary seat.

Prior to the nominations, Jessy had come to the negotiating table with his competitor in UDA Mwiti Kathaara and was said to have struck a deal for him to step down for Mwiti. 

The comedian however has decided to take a U-turn by deciding to quit UDA and run for the seat as an independent candidate.

That decision has not sat right with Karen Nyamu who also struck a deal with Margaret Wanjiru to step down and let Margaret run for the Nairobi senatorial seat.

Taking to Twitter, Karen expressed her displeasure towards Jessy but still wished him the very best in the endeavor. According to Karen Jessy should have stuck with the party till the very end.

Unlike Jessy, Karen has run for an elective position in the past where she was vying for Nairobi Women representative but lost to Esther Passaris. 

The hilarious and famous Mc Jessy has worked hard in the laugh industry, entertaining Kenyans with his exemplary jokes and phrases. The comedian was hosting alongside Churchill in the sister show Churchill Raw. 

After the end of Churchill show in 2020, Mc Jessy got another show on KTN where he would interview various famous personalities. 

Jessy is among several other celebrities and entertainers who have given a shot at politics. Others are Jalangó who is vying for Langáta parliamentary seat, Jahmby Koikai who is also going it as an independent candidate for Dagoretti South, and Jamal Gaddafi who is vying for Kilifi parliamentary seat.

There are several entertainers who gave a shot at politics and made it. Among them is the kigeugeu singer Charles Kanyi also known as Jaguar who vied for Starehe parliamentary seat in 2017 and won. Mohamed Ali is another media personality who left the newsroom and went for Nyali seat and won.

 Mohamed Ali's case was similar to that of Jessy as he also lost in the ODM nominations, fought for the seat as an independent candidate, and still won. Could Jessy's case turn out in a similar manner? We wait and see. 

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