Video Of Karen Nyamu Fumbling With Swahili During An Interview Lights The Internet

'Wa Samidoh Kiswahili sio mdomo chako'

By  | Sep 22, 2022, 12:23 PM  | Karen Nyamu   | Drama

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Nominated senator Karen Nyamu never ceases to amaze the crowd with her various online stunts. She appears to have mastered the art of entertaining her audience and giving them just what they want.

From how she responds to fans every time a Samidoh and Edday drama erupts to her political views. She is currently in Naivasha for the induction of Senators in Kenya. 

Karen Nyamu has excited her fans after playfully called out a K24 female journalist for interviewing her in Swahili.

"Kwanza kabisa wakati uliniambia unataka kunihoji haukuniambia utatumia kiswahili." The mother of three began her interview. She struggled with Swahili throughout the interview something that has excited her netizens.

Some of her fans could not help but laugh at her poor Swahili.

wanjikudaniella: 😂😂😂😂 weee filters zero, sikujua ni Kiswahili ahaha
blessedanna1: Jamani mnakikataa kiswahili hivi😮😢majirani zetu..alafu mbona umeongea vizuri tu mada

sheekowmaina:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Wa Samidoh Kiswahili sio mdomo chako

sheibahati:😂😂😂 changanya tu, of importance is communication.
nie_m_kaloki: Kitenzi kimenyambulika...Amarikani😂😂

Karen Nyamu is known to be naughty, Robert Alai recently asked her not to mess up Bomet women Rep, Toto.

"It Will Mess You With Gang S*X' Robert Alai Warns Toto Against Karen Nyamu's Company

The newly elected Bomet woman representative for Linet Toto has received unfiltered advice from Kileleshwa member of county assembly Robert Alai concerning her relationship with the nominated Senator Karen Nyamu.

This is after a photo of the two emerged on social media while at the parliamentary group meeting for Kenya Kwanza in Naivasha over the weekend. Alai warned Toto to avoid the company of the likes of Karen Nyamu as they are bound to mislead her. Alai further suggested that the company of Karen Nyamu has questionable morality.

Linet is a first-time elected member of parliament and so it would be understandable for Alai to advise her. However, the questions that arise are the basis of his accusations against Karen Nyamu.

The mother of three has not said anything yet concerning the matter. Karen has been trending for the past few weeks as netizens were putting her relationship with Samidoh under the microscope, considering she is a second wife to the singer.

Karen posted photos of Samidoh and her kids at the event and netizens were all over-excited that the two are still on good terms. However, that sparked an online rant from Samidoh's first wife Edday who took to social media casting stones at Samidoh for disrespecting her. 

Edday wrote this, “It all starts with a man who doesn’t respect his family, Then comes a side chick who thinks she is better than the wife, then comes children who suffer because of two selfish people and that’s why suicide in pre-teens and teens has increased."
According to this comment, Edday puts the blame squarely on Samidoh for disrespecting her and going forth to have a side chick who happens to be Karen Nyamu. Samidoh has two kids with Karen and three with Edday.

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