Karen Nyamu Bashes Edday And Bernice For Teaming Up Against Her

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By  | Dec 06, 2022, 03:08 PM  | Drama

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Like we had earlier reported, Samidoh's US tour came to a close following his thanksgiving statement on social media. What has however not ended is the drama with his baby mamas, and we do not see it ending any time soon. 

Well, as Samidoh was concluding his tour his first baby mama Edday Nderitu took to social media to thank Bernice who happened to be Samidoh's promoter in the States, for taking care of Samidoh. 

"Bernice Saroni Thanks so much girl for taking care of my hubby, you’re such an amazing soul, and thanks to God the tour was successful. Can’t wait to see him we really miss him and see you in Dubai on December 17 hun," she wrote on Facebook.
Well, that appears to have rubbed Karen Nyamu the wrong way who has taken to her Instagram throwing shades at Edday and Bernice for teaming up against her. Karen has made a post that reads," If they teaming up to go against you, you gotta understand how powerful you are by yourself.
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Bernice is a close friend of Samidoh's first wife Edday. In fact, she is the one who had posted a question that later created a buzz a while ago asking why do side chicks find the need to ruin people's marriages. Commenting on the post Edday replied and wrote;

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“It all starts with a man who doesn’t respect his family, Then comes a side chick who thinks she is better than the wife, then comes children who suffer because of two selfish people and that’s why suicide in pre-teens and teens has increased."

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A while ago Bernice engaged Karen in an online exchange after Karen claimed they are acquaintances, allegations which Bernice strongly denied.

While addressing his relationship with Bernice, Samidoh confirmed that his relationship with her was strictly business and not pleasure, "To the promoters mainly Bernice Saroni, thank you for making sure everything ran smoothly," he wrote.

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My Dallas show today marks the end of an awesome 2 months of touring the United states,and having great...

Posted by Samidoh on Sunday, 4 December 2022
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Samidoh's US tour got off on the wrong footing when he got into an accident which ended with him getting rushed to an emergency room. He canceled one show but recovered in time to continue the tour. He then found himself embroiled in rumors about a close relationship he seemed to have with a Kenyan-American woman, Bernice, who accompanied him everywhere in America. That's before all the hullaballoo with America-based podcaster Andrew Kibe.

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