Is This The Video That Ended Kamene Goro's Kiss FM Career?

Rumour has it that this was her "Shaffie moment".

By  | Jan 20, 2023, 10:34 PM  | Kamene Goro  | Drama

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One day you're cock of the walk, the next you're a feather duster. Life really does come at you fast. Just ask Kamene Goro.

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Yesterday, rumour emerged that the Kiss 100 morning show host is leaving her seat. What fuelled the rumour even more was news that came out hours later that Kiss 100's parent company Radio Africa Group had poached Kwambox aka  Sheila Kwamboka from VYBZ Radio. Many saw it as a move aimed at pushing Kamene out of the door.

Kamene has yet to address the rumours as Nairobi News tried to reach the radio presenter to get her reaction to which she did not confirm or deny. However, she did show up at work today as posted on the Kiss FM social media. And she seemed to send a message with her T-shirt which had the words "I'm a big deal" emblazoned on it.

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Right after news of her rumoured departure from Kiss 100 and internet sleuth though that they had pinpointed the reason as to why she had supposedly been fired.

The twitter user called Karen Wanjiku shared a video of Kamene Goro talking with an on air caller and the topic of conversation was a little more than PG-rated for a morning show. Kamene giggles as the caller talks about the unknown pleasures of getting, ehm... fingered.

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Will Kamene go the Andrew Kibe route?
Kamene's ex co-host on NRG Radio and Kiss FM swore off ever going back on radio. The controversial content creator divulged this while responding to a fan who asked if he would consider going back on radio if the rules are loosened. "If restrictions are removed in radio, would you go back?" the fan posed.

In response, Kibe noted that he has his own radio station i.e. Rouge Radio and he would be crazy to take up an offer to be a presenter in one of the local stations. "Like how? Go back to being an employee? Would I be mad? Remember I have my own radio station now so why would I go back to doing that old style radio station?

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People are listening to radio online. I mean, you should see my Rogue Radio stream every morning. It's crazy! People are listening to the station from around the world. Now I can tell you where they are listening from and how long," he stated.

Further, Kibe noted that the world has evolved and unlike the past where people had to wait for research firms to break down their audiences, they could now access that data in real time. "We have real time stats. We don't have to wait for the likes of Ipsos Synovate and use old transmitters. Now people are listening real time. The same way you are listening to me now is the same way people are now listening to radio every morning," he added.

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Kibe observed that he enjoyed the two years that he worked as a radio host while admitting that he got in late. However, he would not consider going back; "What money is there to be made? To be an employee and to push products? It does not make sense. It was good while it lasted. I was only there for two years which was more than enough for me," he explained.
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