I Will find You Utanitambua, Kamene Goro Threatens Her Imposter

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By  | Jan 25, 2023, 01:34 PM  | Kamene Goro  | Drama

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Media personality Kamene Goro has exposed an imposter who has been using her name and content to grow a YouTube channel.

Kamene vented her frustrations on social media after discovering that the imposter had used her name, stolen her content, and posted it on the said YouTube channel, which has over 21k subscribers.

"My Loves, this is not my YouTube channel, this impersonator has been blatantly plagiarizing my content and impersonating me. Please stay woke, this is not me. I'll be letting you know about my official platforms and channel soon.

And to the person using me like this, ngoja tu! This is extremely unfair, I do all the work and you come out of nowhere to use it for your benefit! Ushindwe!" The radio host said angrily.

The imposter, who is yet to be identified, appears to be her ardent follower; all of her videos, from work videos to home videos, had been shared, and because Kamene does not have a YouTube channel, many people were easily duped into thinking it was her. 

She has promised to start a Youtube channel soon now that she quit radio, she finally let out that she is leaving Kiss Radio to pursue other interests, and popular radio host Kwambox has been rumored to be replacing her.

Kamene joined Kiss with her former co-host Andrew Kibe before he quit for content creation. The two were close, but things suddenly changed, and now they don't see eye to eye.

According to Kibe Kamene realized that time was not on her side when she turned 30 and that is why she has been posting videos and photos with her boyfriend, DJ Bonez.

Kamene and Bonez are engaged and had hinted that there might be a wedding, during their second anniversary. Kamene and Dj Bonez tried to keep their relationship under wraps and free from the media but failed. 

In terms of relationships, the radio host hasn't always had it easy. In a previous interview, Kamene disclosed how she had gotten married in 2016. She was just 23 years old then and had just finished her law degree.

Her boyfriend, who was at the time residing in another country, had asked for her hand in marriage, leading her to give up her job with two days’ notice to move in with her new husband.

She, however, says that when it was time for him to meet her parents, they did not like him.

Her mother-in-law did not like her either and would sometimes go to the extent of sending her son food to keep her from eating “bad” food prepared by Kamene.

Kamene described her ex-husband as a serial cheat who slept out a lot. She referred to her relationship with her husband as difficult and troubled.

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