Emotions Run High As Obinna Bid Kamene Farewell On Her Last Day At Kiss

Nothing last forever

By  | Jan 27, 2023, 09:09 AM  | Kamene Goro  | Drama

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 Kiss Radio host Oga Obinna has penned down an emotional message to his co-host Kamene Goro on her last day at work.

Kamene and Obinna have worked together for ten months, he replaced the Lang'ata Member of Parliament, Jalang'o, popularly known as Jalas. 

"Has it been 10 months already? Seems like last week🥱😫. You welcomed me to @kiss100kenya & made my transition into morning Radio easy..accommodated my Noise, Drama, and Scandals, taught me how to be a babyboy😜, polished my lingua but above all, you WAS my shoulder to lean on when everything was going south. 

You were the only one I could confide in when most of the time the whole world seemed to be against me you were here each morning with warm hugs, smiles, encouragement, and cute uncoordinated dances🙈. YOU KNEW MY TRUTH. You knew Steve was a different person from OBINNA. Wheh!! Today is a hard show.😭🥵😫😢 MY KAMENE💔...🥺 Goodbyes and heartbreaks are the HARDEST.

Enyewe, nothing lasts forever. Let's finish on a High... I wish you well and will always be a phone call away... mkiwachana na Afande Nipigie🤣🙈 one last show. 2023 imeanza na mbio mbaya I swear." The comedian wrote

The two have been close, according to a report by Nairobi News, the curvy presenter's contract is expiring and the top management has not seen the need to renew it for various reasons.

Among them is the fact that the show ratings have declined over time, which has discouraged advertisers from advertising on the radio. Second, it has been reported that her work performance has been subpar, with frequent absences from duty. 

It is said that she would call in sick and later be seen posting photos on social media that showed otherwise. With all of this, the top management decided it was better to let her go and bring in some new energy to the show. 

Rumor has it that her replacement is former Homeboyz radio presenter Sheila Kwamboka popularly known as Kwambox, who recently joined Radio Africa. 
Kwamboka has become a force to be reckoned with, she was among the top Kenyan content creators chosen by Meta to attend a training on content creation in the UK alongside Crazy Kennar.

The media personality is currently working with notable brands like Safaricom and EABl, and this might be what attracted the Radio Africa group.

In an exclusive interview with a local news publisher, Radio Africa’s Chief Operating Officer Martin Khafafa described the new acquisition as part of the group’s efforts to provide its customers with better content.

"Our quest for continuous improvement is tremendous. Sheila Kwamboka, better known as Kwambox has joined the Radio Africa group." He revealed.

The Chief Operating Officer also added that Kwambox is one of the most talented media personalities in the country and stated that with her on board their listeners will be able to have an even more engaging experience.

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