Kabi Wa Jesus Buys Wife Car, Refuses To Pay Paternity Test


By  | Mar 25, 2021, 07:27 AM  | Drama

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YouTuber Peter Kabi alias Kabi Was Jesus faced the wrath of Kenyans after he reportedly bought his wife Millicent Wambui a brand new BMW worth Ksh.3.5 million.

Taking to his Instagram page, Kabi showed the world the surprise gift he bought his wife, Millie Wa Jesus.

While revealing the gift, Kabi noted that he hoped he did the right thing to buy his wife a brand new car.
Kabi gifts his wife Millie a new BMW. Photo: Courtesy

"I believe I made the right choice," Kabi captioned the photo of his wife kissing after giving out the gift.

The surprise move by Kabi to buy his wife a car comes barely a fortnight after reports claimed that he had refused to take a paternity test for a child he reportedly sirred with his cousin.

According to sources, Kabi claimed that he could not afford Ksh20,000 for a DNA test to prove that the 7-year-old child he allegedly sired with his cousin was not his.

The said DNA test was ordered by the children's court after the man of God allegedly refused to provide child support for the young girl.

The news that Kabi had bought the car for his wife did not however sit well with many Kenyans online who accussed him of hypocrisy and not setting his priorities right.

"Hana pesa ya paternity test lakini ya gari iko?" one social media follower asked.

"Huyu Kabi tu mwenye hana pesa ya kufanya DNA ya Abby may almighty God deal with him," another wrote.

Other online users accussed the Wa Jesus family of leading a fake life claiming that the car surprise scenario would have been stage-managed.

"Hizi prank za majuu😂😂anatubeba aje fala, anyone can go to a showroom and film a "surprise "😂," a follower said.

"Tunajua it's for the gram or YT channel😂😂😂..." another added.

Behind the video Kabu, however, noted that the car gift was a prank but he gifted her gift to Turkey to do the shopping for her new business.

Whether the gift is a prank or not, we will wait and see if Kabi was Jesus will eventually take the paternity test ordered by the court. 

Kabi has previously publicly denied stirring a child with his cousin.

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