Kabi Wants Abby To Be Enrolled In Cheaper School

Mama Abby Claims

By  | Jun 03, 2021, 02:15 PM  | Drama

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The cousin that Kabi sired a child with, Ciku, has finally shed light on most of your questions. One of the most important things grasped from the live session with blogger Edgar Obare things that Kabi Wa Jesus wants mama Abby to enroll Abby to a much cheaper school. This is according to Ciku, who was answering questions asked by fans on Edgar Obare’s live.

Ciku also revealed that Kabi was aware of her pregnancy, and when she tried to reach out, Milly would always answer the phone, not Kabi.

For months now, the Wajesus saga has  been going on with mama Abby wanting what is best for her child.  Tt to court as they could not come to a mutual decision to co-parent peacefully. 

Everything changed in the Wajesus family early this year after blogger Edgar Obare revealed that he sired a child with his cousin. What made it was is the fact that they confidently and proudly denied the seven-year-old. 

By this time, social media was hot with the Wajesus baby mama/ cousin drama. Edgar shed light on the whole issue after posting evidence that Kabi sired a child with his cousin Ciku. What followed is the Wajesus made a video to give their side of their story through a youtube video that has since then been deleted. The couple said that they thought the whole issue was totally ridiculous for anyone to come out and accuse Kabi Wajesus to have sired a baby with his cousin.

In the video, Milly Wajesus was seen crying uncontrollably saying that she could not understand what was going on since she knows we Ciku and her daughter Abby who was only Kabi’s niece.

"Yesterday, I received so many screenshots, only Emily sending me this picture (Shiko and Abby). The woman you see in this photo is Shiko and Shiko is my cousin. The baby in the picture is Abby and Abby is my niece. So, someone wondered, how can a person say you are the father of your cousin's child?  Kabi said, looking worried and shocked.  

Fans think that it is funny how the Wajesus publicly denied the child, knowing very well that Kabi was responsible. 

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