Kabi Wa Jesus Taken To Court For Incest And Child Support

DNA tests to be done

By  | Jan 29, 2021, 02:23 AM  | Drama

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It has benn a rough few days days for YouTuber Kabi wa Jesus and his family. It was recently revealed that the man of God fathered a daughter ‘Abby’ with another cousin (Shiro.)

It is alleged that Kabi has been neglecting the young girl for about 7 years. The cousin thought that is  then it is time for the society to learn the truth about the ‘Wajesus family.’

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The story was shocking to say the least. The Wajesus went on their YouTube page refuting the story but the truth finally came out.

The cousin was granted a hearing in March through the children’s court. The cousin who lives in the US and was the whistle-blower in the matter, shared the news through her Instagram page. 

The cousin shared the story with blogger Edgar Obare, where they went on live after the Wajesus family shared a YouTube video claiming the child named Abby is not his. The cousin who shared the story with Edgar, says Kabi whom they call ‘Dihori’ at home is ashamed of the fact that he had a child with his own cousin.

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The cousin also claimed that when the story broke, Kabi’s mom went to their home country and tried to bribe their uncles and the baby mama. 
The family did not want the story to be exposed. She claims when Kabi did the YouTube video denying his own child, the whole family were very angry with him.
The revelation has put the man of God in a fix with speculation of an imminent separation to the once bubbly family.

Kabi continues to receive his fair share of trolls from Netizens have been quick to castigatigating him for allegedly not being truthful and for abandoning his first family.
Kabi is also accused of not to be picking calls from her lawyer or from the family members related to his Baby Mama.

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