Kabi’s Cousin Confirms She Didn’t Give Him Consent

Exposes his selfishness

By  | Nov 24, 2021, 05:38 AM  | Drama

Kabi Wajesus
Kabi’s cousin, Ciku Dotty; with whom they infamously had relations, has finally spoken out on Instagram about Kabi.

Dotty, who is popularly referred to as Mama Abby, took to Edgar Obare’s, BNN Kenya platform to let the world know that she was displeased at how Kabi posted a video of their daughter without her consent.

The revelation was shared on the tea master’s page after he posed a question to the lady after the video started making rounds on the internet. Dotty replied to the question noting that Kabi is just doing what he wants without considering their daughter's feelings or what she has been through as their situation has been unfolding in the public eye.

Screenshots of Dotty responding to Edgar Obare.

Dotty went on to confirm that all Kabi Wajesus does is play pretend on social media when it comes to Abby, she pointed out that when it comes to co-parenting Kabi doesn’t pull his weight, as he hasn’t even done much to help support Abby’s education. 

She further explained that they both agreed that Abby should be of social media and away from public scrutiny. Dotty notes that on the day the video was taken when they had met to discuss the young girl’s education, Kabi had to turn it into something selfish.

The popular YouTuber posted the video taken on the day to his YouTube page, revealing to the world the daughter he fathered with his cousin. Even the tea master himself had to question whether the social media likes and views were so important that the influencer had to involve a child in their quest for Internet stardom.

The fans were equally as displeased as their teacher as they also gave their opinions on what was going on. Most fans were disappointed to find out the video was posted without consent, as Kabi had initially denied that Abby was his daughter.

Dotty and Kabi’s story began when earlier this year when Dotty exposed Kabi for being a deadbeat father to their daughter. It was then revealed that the two were cousins, this information sent the internet into shock, fans of the Wajesus family attempted to cancel them, and even called on them to stop using the Wajesus self-imposed nickname.

Kabi and his Wife, Milly Wajesus, then made a video refuting the claims by Dotty that they had a child together. In the video, Milly could be seen almost coming to tears about the issue. Edgar also reposted the video of them refusing the claims, and fans were quick to note that Milly was just faking her reaction.

Do you think Kabi is wrong for exposing his daughter to the public?

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