Kabi Finally Reveals Child He Fathered With Cousin (Video)

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By  | Nov 24, 2021, 10:39 AM  | Drama

Kabi Wajesus with daughter Abby Wajesus
Popular YouTuber, Kabi Wajesus has chosen to reveal the identity of the daughter he fathered with his cousin.

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The star took to his YouTube page to introduce his daughter, Abby Wajesus, to his fans. In a video titled MEET ABBY WA KABI WAJESUS, Kabi showed the young girl having fun in the presence of her father; who had previously refused to take responsibility for the child.
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Stay tuned for more information on the situation. 


Kabi had posted on his Instagram to notify his fans that he would be revealing the identity of his daughter and they should keep it locked to share in the big moment with their favorite stars.

For the most part, his fans were excited about Kabi finally accepting his daughter, after months of denying that he was the father. They responded with kind comments and love emojis on Kabi’s post.

Kabi noted that they were welcoming her daughter, who he nicknamed Abby Wa Kabi Wajesu, to their online universe. The star proceeded to create an Instagram page for his daughter, which at the time of writing has already gotten over 9k followers.
Abby’s mother however seems to not have been comfortable with Kabi’s decision to expose their daughter to the public. Ciku Dotty, popularly known as Mama Abby, recently took to Edgar Obare's BNN Kenya platform to express her displeasure with Kabi's decision to release a video of their daughter without her consent.

The information was made public on the tea master's website after he asked the lady a question after the video became viral on the internet. Dotty responded to the question by saying that Kabi is simply doing what he wants, without regard for their daughter's feelings or what she has been through while their predicament has played out in the media.

Dotty went on to say that when it comes to Abby, all Kabi Wajesus does is pretend on social media. She also said that Kabi doesn't pull his weight when it comes to co-parenting, since he hasn't done much to support Abby's schooling.

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