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So it’s just turned out that Juliani is in fact, a very wealthy man –and Kenyans just don’t know what to do with that info!

The news came out earlier today when Nonini took to his Instagram to talk about what he knew about Juliani and according to him, real life is nothing like what we think it is for Juliani.

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Nonini put up a post on his Instagram that pretty much changed all of our views about the Rasta king!

In the post, Nonini expressed that he thought it was hilarious that people thought Juliani is broke. He continued to say that yes, while musicians are not paid that well when it comes to royalties for their music, many of them hustle in their own ways –and even though it isn’t a stipend that Governors get monthly or the perks that they enjoy (take that, sirkal!), Juliani is still one of the most sought after and commercially successful artists on our entire generation.

Nonini revealed that while interviewing him, he discovered that Juliani made close to KES 20 million annually from his music checks alone never mind any other hustles he may be handling.

Nonini found it very interesting and inaccurate that people thought Juliani was broke just because he had made sure to stay in touch with his roots (in the rural sides of town), keep dreadlocks, and chooses not to wear flamboyant clothing. 

Nonini explained that Juliani has an entire project in the works in Danadora that he funded all by himself! What slum thug would do that? 

He said that with that kind of thinking, it was no surprise that people in Kenya were getting conned on the regular by men that pranced around in suits.

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He finished by telling Kenyan s that Just because Juliani walked around in t-shirts and jeans did not mean that he was broke. For their information, people that wore suits are employed by people that wear shirts and jeans!

The belief that Juliani is broke has sort of hovered around the masses for a while, but the truth is the man is nowhere near broke. In fact, Juliani could well be one of the most successful artists in the game –he just chooses not to display his wealth and to stay true to who he is by helping the people that don’t have as much. And if you haven’t noticed, so does Lillian.

While the only things you can find in Juliani’s social media are the development projects he partakes in, you can bet the man is not sleeping hungry –I mean, you have to have a little something to keep a former Governor’s wife happy! 

That ain't cheap.
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