Jowie Irungu Washed Off The Internet Days After Controversial Interview

His instagram hacked!

By  | Aug 28, 2020, 08:10 AM  | Jowie  | Drama

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Troubled singer, Jowie Irungu who had been jailed for having conspired to kill a business woman who was said to be his lover, recently faced the public on the whole situation in an interview that got many people questioning the real events on how things went down. On top of that, he spoke about his current wife in a kind of way that raised many people’s eyebrows since in his conversation, he often contradicted himself.

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In the weird and uncomfortable confession, a lady Identified as Ella Musangi, who is also a professional model and mum to an adorable daughter revealed  that she was Jowie’s wife, and that they lived and prayed under one roof. What confused most of the viewers is that the couple came off as in genuine.

It seems the interviews and all his confessions have not sat well with someone because his official Instagram account has been hacked.

Jowie is now disturbed since he has tried to recover it in vain. He has since written a statement to his followers letting them know he has been hacked and shared a video to explain what exactly happened via Ella's page.
 “Hi guys, praise God, my name is Jowie Irungu. Unfortunately my IG account was hacked yesterday and I could not be able to recover it. I”ll be sharing a new account so whoever will be receiving a message from the other one, please, that’s not me.”
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The eventuality comes in a span of one week where he made his first public appearance on Jalang’o TV, then later on Tuko before his most recent interview with Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japanni.

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