Jovial Opens Up About Dealing With An Obsessed Stalker


By  | May 05, 2022, 09:15 AM  | Drama

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Popular singer Jovial has taken to her Instagram stories in a new revelation that has left fans concerned for her. 

This is after she shared what she has been going through recently. This is not the first time she has left netizens in shock with her revelation and we can only hope that it will be the last. 

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The singer wrote saying, “Lately I’ve been dealing with an obsessed crush! This person has managed to know where I live after paying people to track me…”

Jovial also went ahead to add that she doesn’t know where the stalker got her number and that she’s had to block him because he was getting too aggressive and mad everytime she did not respond to his messages. 


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The songstress in fact went ahead to threaten the stalker saying that she would report him to the police, only for him to say that he would defend himself by saying that he is a man in love. 

Clearly this is something that has gotten her upset and we can only hope that there is no actual threat to her life because we all know how dangerous stalkers can be. 

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The other time Jovial was making headlines was when she also took to her Insta stories to open up about how she had gotten harassed by a fan while on stage. 

She opened up saying that after her performance while she was on her way back to her seat, a fan shamelessly grabbed her behind after which she immediately decided to take action and deal with the individual. 

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Now while she did not exactly share what she did to contain the situation, Jovial went on to reveal that when it comes to her own safety, she will not be a sitting duck waiting to be saved. She will take action herself and there is nothing anyone can do about it. 

Clearly, being a celebrity and a female one for that matter is not an easy thing and we are happy to see that the songstress has developed some thick skin throughout her time in the industry. 

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That aside however, it seems things have been working out pretty well for her both in her personal and her career life as well. 

She recently took to her Instagram to hint that she had found a new lover. This is after she posted a photo of her and a handsome looking gentleman on her feed and with the way the young man is looking at Jovial, we wouldn't be surprised if these two charmers are hitting it off. 

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