Jeff Mwathi's Body To Be Exhumed

Investigations continue

By  | Mar 26, 2023, 02:17 PM  | Drama

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The investigations on what killed upcoming interior designer Jeff Mwathi are still ongoing and the Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome has indicated that the DCI  will be going to court seeking consent to have the body of Jeff exhumed for further investigations.

"Tutapata ukweli kama ilikuwa suicide, kama aliuwawa,We shall go to court for exhumation... Tunaambiwa huyo aliruka kutoka kwa nyumba fulani, lakini tunaangalia hiyo shimo, so we need again to have that body exhumed look at the dimensions, pahali alitokea na mwili wake, so we are doing thorough investigations."Japhet Koome said. 
Jeff mysteriously dropped from multiple floors of a residential building around USIU in a house belonging to popular Kikuyu artist Dj Fatxo. The Dj has distanced himself from the death of Jeff, even as the DCI report rules out suicide as had earlier been reported to be the cause of death. 

Reports from the popular Kikuyu blogger Martha Mwihaki Hinga indicate that there was an underhand power play with the intention of shielding the musician from being prosecuted in relation to the death of Jeff since he is well connected.

Following this scandalous and unfortunate incident, that led to the death of Jeff, the singer is said to have lost several endorsements from the companies he was representing through his artistry. It has also been established that Dj Fatxo and Jeff had known each other for a long time based on a photo Jeff had posted back in 2021 in the company of Fatxo.

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The death of Jeff has also been rumored to be a love story gone wrong though nothing has been confirmed yet as investigations are still ongoing.

The allegation is that Jeff committed suicide by jumping from the 12th floor of Safari park Estate in Kasarani. However fresh details have indicated that Jeff could have been killed, and the suicide story is only a cover-up for his murderers to get away with the act. The family insists that Jeff was murdered inside Dj Fatxo's house and then thrown from the top floor to make it look like suicide.
According to the CCTV footage being reviewed by the police, Fatxo in the company of three ladies is seen going inside the building where Jeff is. They later leave the apartment at 4 am. Jeff is left there in the company of two other men before he falls from the upper floor.

"Now around 4 am Fatxo and three ladies left the house, and they left Jeff in the house with two other men. Nobody knows what happened in that house, the two men also left the house and went down to the parking and looked over. Fatxo's cousin was also seen making a call and then Jeff fell from the 10th floor," Jeff's uncle narrated. 
Netizens noted that Fatxo did not make any posts to mourn Jeff or even attend his burial despite them being quite close.
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