You Are Not My Type!

She hits back with an abuse

By  | May 05, 2021, 07:18 AM  | Jalang'o  | Drama

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Jalang'o on Tuesday told Kamene Goro she is not the type of lady he would like to date. His sentiment did not, however, sit well with Kamene.

Jalang'o told his co-host that her personality did not guarantee her from being his or anyone else's type.

Responding to Jalang'o's sentiments, Kamene said Jalang'o's statement made her feel like she being abuse.

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"I feel like am going through emotional abuse!" Kamene said.
Kamene Goro and Jalang'o. Photo: Instagram

This begun after Kamene offered to tell Jalang'o a story about a young man who approached her and wanted to be her lover.

"So I met this dude, very good looking, nice brown eyes," she said amid interruptions by Jalang'o.

"... and this guy is like, "You know Kamene, I really like you, you are totally my type, you know just give me a chance, nini nini" Kamene continued.

As Kamene continued to tell her story, Jalang'o kept laughing at her, asking her if she was anybody's type.

"You, you are somebody's type? Anakujua? Anakujua kweli?" Jalang'o asked.

She, however, decided to assume Jalang'o's questions and continued telling her story. As she continued, Jalang'o burst into laughter, something that offended her.

"You so fool... I am going to..." Kamene said as she bit her teeth hard.

"Are you serious, Mpaka unanyongwa?" she added.

Asking Jalang'o why he was laughing at her, Jalang'o noted that the approach the guy gave to her was wrong from the beginning.

"This thing went wrong at the beginning where you said, ' I want you to be part of my life.' From that point I just knew this thing was going nowhere," Jalang'o explained.

"Stop wasting people's time," he told Kamene.

Jalang'o's sentiments come a month after he alluded that Kamene was one person that likes to jump from one relationship to the other.

Jalang'o's allusion came when they were discussing a scenario where relationships had "licenses or certificates that would expire and be renewed".

It was then, that Jalang'o alluded that if the scenario was to be brought to life, his co-host, Kamene would be having several licenses/certificates.
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