Jalas Takes Wife To Expensive Trip But Here’s Why Some Kenyans Believe She’s Still Not Happy

Beach not happy

By  | Sep 15, 2020, 12:07 PM  | Jalang'o  | Drama

Looks like people on Facebook have a happyometter.

Comedian Jalang’o is currently on a short vacation in Malindi with his other half trying to decompress after a hectic two or so months. 
Jalas shared a photo online with Amina Chao enjoying the warm sandy beaches but some Kenyans, as expected, had to spoil the sweet moment with their critical analysis of how Jalango’s marriage is fairing so far. 
We all know Jalas has been accused by Kenyans numerous times of cheating on Amina. Amina, however, has never spoken up about the issue, choosing to stay away from the public and ignore the blogs.
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What an amazing weekend with Jaber...

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Well, a section of Kenyans still believes Amina isn’t happy even after the vacation which obviously cost Jalas thousands of shillings. Villa Ameera in Malindi costs about Ksh 30,000 a night BTW. 
In a post on Facebook, Kenyans have surprisingly been arguing whether Amina was actually into the trip or not. 

Yes. From just one photo shared, a lot said she looks disconnected while others were quick to ask how people are measuring happiness. 
Here are some of the reactions: 
Winnie Mwiks even if u were her how would u b happy wen u cheated on daily yawah ....
Apple Girlish What tool did you use to measure her happiness? Would love to know to measure my own happiness🤣
Eric Oduor Why will she be happy with jalango and kameme captions kila siku
Kagunda Martin The daughters of Sarah said its better to cry in Dubai than to cry in Githurai🤪
Michael Omondi Where can i get a happyiometer to measure my happiness 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Memba Nyakeri What does happy look like.. 👀 This is kenya where you cry and laugh at the same time
Aggie WaFlo Being that guy's bae ain't easy. If your happiness gauge is to be trusted she has reasons...
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