'No One Is A Saint' – Is Jalango Finally Admitting That He Cheated On Wife?

He is coming clean

By  | May 22, 2020, 12:25 PM  | Jalang'o  | Drama

 Jalang’o has had a couple of rough days since his infidelity story was shared by gossip man,Edgar Obare . The story which insinuates that he is among the wealthy men who drive up to Ng’ong Hills for a good time with young girls might have ended his marital relationship. 

The screenshots shared by You-Tuber, Edgar Obare unluckily for him, confirm that everything he has been accused of.

However, Jalang’o will not let the dust settle without clearing the air and having a final say in this matter so he has come out to share his side of the story.

As seen on a detailed post shared on his page, Jalang’o did not deny any of the screenshots; but was quick to defend himself saying the group was created for a different purpose.

He claims that both him and his friends have been using this group to help build each other; and the screenshots showing the women were just a by the way and not the main topic of the group.

In the detailed post, Jalang’o went on to remind those pointing fingers at him and his friends that no one is perfect. According to Jalang’o, everyone criticizing him must also remember what happens in most of these whatsapp groups; because at the end of the day his family now remains broken.

Main Image Credit: Tuko.ke