Kamene Angers Jalang'o

Threatens to quit show

By  | May 26, 2021, 07:08 AM  | Jalang'o  | Drama

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Jalang'o on Tuesday revealed that he hated hosting a radio show with Kamene Goro.

The comedian noted that his co-host at Kiss FM liked getting personal with the discussions they have on their morning show and that bothered him.

Jalang'o's anger on Kamene came at the time they were discussing a topic on being in touch with ex-lovers.
Kamene Goro. Photo: Instagram

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Jalang'o claimed that it is a good idea to call an ex-lover while one needs help, something that Kamene didn't agree with.

Kamene maintained a hardline that she can never call her ex-boyfriend to pull through for her.

Jalang'o did not, however, liked Kamene's stand. He, therefore, accused her of getting personal with their discussions.

He further asked her to stop bringing her issues and ego into the show and should start being real.
Jalang'o. Photo: Instagram

"Come down to the reality, wajua wewe you leave with kiburi, you part ways (with boyfriend) with a big head," Jalang'o told Kamene.

"So I hate having this discussion sometimes when you think about them like you," he added.

During the same discussion, claimed that it is Kamene's personality that also costs her relationships.

According to Jalang'o, it is the ego that she has that even hinders her from reaching out to ex-boyfriends.

"You start questioning things like; what did you ever do to me? What are you doing to me? What were you even adding to my life? You cost me more trouble than happiness, you ate my money," Jalang'o told Kamene.

He, therefore, asked Kamene to change her mindset and start thinking of her ex-boyfriend as someone who used to step in for her.

This is not, however, the first time the two radio hosts are disagreeing on an issue.

A few months ago, they argued over a report in a local newspaper saying Raila Odinga had recovered from Covid-19.

Kamene wondered how quickly Raila - an older person - had recovered from Covid-19 after taking only 72 hrs in the hospital fighting the virus.

Kamene's sentiments didn't, however, sit well with Jalang'o who insisted that Raila did not contract the deadly virus.

"Please, please, please, with all due respect...You (Kamene) must first realize that baba did not heal from the Corona, Corona apologized to baba." Jalang'o explained.

As Jalang'o tried to explain his point, Kamene continued to burst into serious laughter, something that never sat well with Jalang'o.

"What are you laughing at?... if these things (referring to the computer) were not electronics what I would have done with this hot water..." Jalang'o said.
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