Jalango and Andy Kibe’s Online Brawl

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By  | Sep 19, 2021, 08:49 AM  | Jalang'o  | Drama

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If there is a vocal celebrity, it has to be Andy Kibe for sure- with zero doubts. Andy Kibe speaks his mind without fear of judgment. He speaks his mind and if you don’t agree with anything that he says, well, that’s going to be a problem and the sad part is that you are going to be the one to deal with it, not him.

Andy Kibe recently threw shade at Jalango for hosting mtumba guy. Mtumba guy is the famous man whose video has gone viral thanks to the saying, ngara waseme uko na wababa. The issue is, mtumba guy wears dresses in all these clips, as he is selling ladies' dresses, he sometimes wears them to attract customers. So, he showed u at Jalango’s show in a dress. And boy! Did this piss Andy Kibe! He couldn’t hold it in any longer. He made a video on his Instagram reels saying 

Jalas, wacha ushenzi. Whoever s producing your show anakufanyia mbaya. What I this thing ya kuleta watu kwa show wanakaa kama madem?  Did you guys see that s**? ..Jalas is giving this guy an interview on his platform. All our kids are looking and they are like ohh all I have to do to become famous is to become a woman? Come on man! Hata kama ni kutafuta watu wanatrend. 

Okay, so Jalango doesn’t have a problem with Jalango’s show. The problem is he doesn’t like the extent that Jalang’o is going to bring guests to his show. According to Kibe, Jalang’o is promoting homosexuality on his show. He went ahead and mentioned Eric Omondi and said he didn’t like cross-dressing. You have probably seen Eric Omondi wearing dresses and putting on make up once in a while right? 

Of course, Jalango was not going to keep quiet about this. He went on and commented on Kibe’s post saying that cross-dressing is not a new thing. Jalango said that everyone’s hustle must go on as he praised mtumba guy. He talked about As we speak sahii mtumba guy just got life changing deals that will see him move a step from poverty! He then told Kibe he is talking like that because he has never been broke before.
What’s your opinion? Is Andy Kibe right? Do you think it was wrong for Jalango to host mtumba guy? Honestly, I think we should try and look at the brighter picture. Trousers were initially meant for men. Women wear dresses nowadays. Does that mean they are promoting homosexuality? Mtumba guy has already bagged a number of lucrative deals thanks to Jalango. Maybe this guy has kids to take care of. He was selling ladies' clothes, what a better way to attract his customers! A woman might be selling men's coats and as a way of attracting her customers, she could put one on and that doesn’t mean a thing. At the end of the day, we are all trying to put food on the table. For ourselves and to our loved ones. In the most decent way possible! Let us know in the comment section what you think about what Andy Kibe said.

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