Jalang'o's Boys Club In Second Cheating Scandal

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By  | May 21, 2021, 12:54 PM  | Jalang'o  | Drama

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Jalang'o and his Boys Club members made national news last year when they were outed for toying with women's hearts and cheating on their homely wives.

Well today they have been caught in another cheating scandal, one even more shameless thqat the last because this time its public information.

One of fhte senior members of the Boys Club and Jalang'o's close personal friend Sam Young has been outed for cheting on his wife by you wont believe it... His own Side Chick.

The woman known as Florence Okombo took to her Facebook account to share an intimate onemt with Sam with the caption
"Samuel Elly Alia AKA Sam Young...AKA Community Husband...AKA choura mimi sura ***** ndio wako na siendi mahali ng'oo. Hao wa makasirikio with Perfect Husbands wajiotkeze tucompare notes... ok tuharakishe maneno HATUACHANI au siyo osiepa...you can expose me all you want i dont give a ****...i can guarantee that...wewe na sura ya princess umekaa Kayole na WI-FI ya jirani trying to cyber bully me...MY NAME IS FLORENCE OKOMBO AND YOU HAVE KNOCKED ON THE WRONG DOOR ****** ******...I DONT FEAR NO ONE...LET THE GAMES BEGIN"
The woman, who can be seen making appearances on Sam's page went to claim proudly that she was Sam's side chick and she was not going to bow down for anyone including his wife.

(Florence Okombo-First from the left)
People were highly disgusted by this behavior, with many of them urging her to respect herself and that he was using her.

In the middle of the reveal made by Edgar Obare, it was also whispered that Sammy and his wife were in fact in a polyamorous relationship by someone who slid into his DMs and decided to congress saying that he was a close friend to the two and that the wife was also seeing other men on the side.

Do you think polyamorous relationships are worth it?
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