Jacque Maribe: I Do Everything On My Own

Maribe doubles down on Eric Omondi deadbeat claims

By  | Nov 01, 2021, 08:47 PM  | Drama

Jacque Maribe
Jacque Maribe has taken to her social media page to let the world know that she is a single mother who does everything on her own for her kid.

The two celebrities share a 7-year-old son by the name of Zahari. According to Maribe, however, the comedian doesn’t do much in terms of helping to raise their son. Maribe shared this revelation on Instagram.

Maribe posted a photo of Zahari and accompanied it with a caption that seemed straight from the heart. She noted that she loved her little guy and noted that even though Eric isn’t doing a good job she would never air his dirty laundry in public. She let her fans know that she is doing everything on her own and added the fact that her goal is to raise a brilliant son.

Fans and famous friends alike took to the comment section to react to the heartfelt message. The former TV presenter mostly received love from commenters, with many believing that it took a lot of strength to have such a hard conversation.


This revelation comes after Maribe hinted at Eric being a deadbeat dad.  Maribe noted this after the comedian posted a photo of himself and a pregnant Miss P. on the caption Eric noted that he had met the singer 5 months ago. He added that he will take responsibility for the singer’s child, as children are gifts from God.

This photo seemed to rub Maribe the wrong way, she took to the comment section to question Omondi’s parenting style. Maribe insinuated that Eric hasn’t been taking responsibility for their son, and she was amused at the fact that he wants to be a good dad to Miss P’s unborn child. 

Now that Maribe has clarified her stance on her baby daddy, do you think it's a conversation worth having? Do you think Kenyan men are joking when it comes to taking care of their kids? 
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