J Blessing Accussed Of Cheating On Avril With Isha


By  | Jan 15, 2021, 11:53 AM  | Drama

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Nairobi’s most dramatic couple FBI dance crew member Ezra and Instagram model Isha Raffi are at it again. This time round, they are accusing celeb director Jibril Blessing of trying to ruin their relationship.

On an Instagram live chat with a local gossip site, Ezra made the claims that J Blessing tried to hit on Isha. He said;

“When we had broken up, there is this person who is in the entertainment industry, who asked me for Isha’s number. He told me he wanted to reconcile us only to find out that he went to hit on my girl. This person is none other than J Blessing. He was my friend but I don’t consider him a friend anymore,”
Isha confirmed the claims, they also shared screenshots of their conversation.
J Blessing who is rumoured to be Avril’s baby daddy has become the second celeb the couple has accused of ruining their relationship. 

While they were on their break-up drama, Isha said controversial singer Ringtone had orgy parties at his house where Ezra would go and sleep with dozens of other women. 

The news reached Ringtone and he was not pleased by the accusations. The singer took to Instagram to warn the two lovers not to include him in their break-up drama. He insisted that he had no idea what Ezra was doing at his house, claiming that he only offered his garden for a party. 

The chairman of the gospel industry said he offers his garden for parties but is never involved in the said parties. He insisted that he is just a guy who likes to help out and he would not be caught in an immoral party because he is a good Christian. 
After their very dramatic and very public affair, the two mended ways and are back together. They show off their love on social media calling each other husband and wifey.

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