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Tanasha is Dating Again!

By  | Jul 22, 2021, 02:21 PM  | Drama

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Celebrities are the one source of entertainment that we never get used to. We love when they start dating but we like it, even more, when they break up with each other! Then they start dating other celebrities and we love it just as much (especially when they just had an extremely hard breakup that was publicized probably way more than it should have. Take a look at Vera Sidika and her ex-man, Otile Brown -Even though we were heartbroken for their breakup and we wished their relationship lasted longer, when she came back to the country claiming to have found the love of her life, gotten married, and gotten pregnant all within the san of a year of meeting this man, we didn't care, we were happy for her. When there was speculation of drama from when he didn't show up to her gender reveal party, we were even more excited!
The very fact that we get to feel like an active part of their life even though we aren't getting very addictive very fast!

Well, this time we have another celebrity who could be argued to be just as famous if not more so because of her association with the biggest star in eastern Africa, and one who we have been waiting for to start a new relationship already.
Yes, Tanasha Donna, the baby mama to Diamond and one of the biggest breakout artists in the country is said to be back in the dating game and pretty deep this time!
The rumors started when she posted a video of herself reacting to a relationship meme in a way that could be described as more than just entertaining...
From her post, it was revealed that not only was she in a new relationship again, but it also seems like the man she's currently with is in fact younger than her!
Today she went ahead and posted a new picture on her instgram that could as well be classified as a confirmation that she's with a new man!

She posted a delivery that she got that was a rather large bouquet of gorgeous flowers, chocolates, and a card that had a heart shape on it.
Everybody knows this is the main means celebrities communicate that they are officially seeing someone!
Another big indicator that she was on her way to starting a new relationship was that she had been posting many things about love and dating of late. Just the other day she posted a video of the like of a man she would want to be with, calling him 'Jefe' and classifying him as a real man. 
This definitely comes as a welcome surprise. It's been said that not only was Diamond a somewhat selfish lover but he and Tanasha have also had many disagreements, with the latest one pushing Tanasha into deleting him from Naseeb Junior's Instgram account. So it's fair to say reconciliation between herself and Diamond is a very far-fetched idea. Not to mention Diamond is said to be dating another woman right now. 

Will a bae reveal be next? Let's wait and see!
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