It Is The End For Amber Ray & Jamal

Amira laughs last!

By  | Jul 19, 2021, 10:33 AM  | Drama

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Socialite Amber Ray has given a hint that all is not well in her love life. In her bio, she had the name, Amber Ray Jimal. After the two got married, the socialite changed her name. of course people took notice of that. Fans have noticed that recently, her bio only had her name. Could there be trouble in paradise? Amber Ray claims that Jimal and her were legally married, something that many fans don’t think is true. All we ever saw was Amber Ray and Jamal taking photos at a home with elderly people in the presence of Jamal. 

This move is a big shock to netizens, as Amber Ray has been branded Jimal’s favorite wife. It also comes just a few days after Jimal said no matter what happens, he would not kick Amira, his first wife out of his home. 

This has come as a shock to many since Amber Ray as Amber has always painted a picture that she is better than all of Jamal’s wives. So the fact that she dropped Jamal’s name really makes fans question what is going on. Currently, so much is going on in the family of Jamal with all his three wives. Yes, three. Blogger Edgar Obare recently revealed that Jamal actually has a third wife and he would bring her to his home with Amber Ray, when she was not around. Probably this is why Amber Ray is mad at Jimal, she found out about the third wife on social media just the way Amira found out about her.
In case you did not know, Amira, wasn’t aware of Amber Ray, but only heard about it in an interview. On a radio interview, she revealed:

“I learnt through social media that he was marrying a second wife. I learnt via social media that he is marrying a second wife. As a mother, you can tell that it is not easy.I do not talk to her and I can never be her friend. It is hard for me and as a mother you would feel the same. It has never been easy for me and it will never been easy. Inshallah I will overcome. I do not hold grudges and am okay and I am free and happy with what I am doing,”

Amira recently accused Jamal of being a violent husband who threatened to shoot her, not once or twice. Jamal however said that he was not going to respond to the claims made by Amira, and said that God was going to fight for his battles. What followed was a number of new details regarding Jamal. One, that he is broke, two, he is surviving on loans. Jamal went and said that it is true he has loans, but it is normal since he is a businessman. 

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