Isha Raffi Planning A Break Up Party To Celebrate Breaking Up With Ezra

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By  | Aug 04, 2022, 10:49 AM  | Drama

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Have you ever heard of a thing such as a breakup party? no? Well, there is such a thing and one will be going down in Nairobi this coming Friday. The host of the party is none other than Isha Raffi, the ex-girlfriend of FBI dance crew member Ezra.

The whole idea behind this party as she has clearly indicated in her poster is to celebrate breaking up with her ex Ezra. After reading that, I know you are probably wondering how bad their relationship was that she had to celebrate after the breakup.


Well, to begin with, rumors of their breakup emerged a few weeks ago after online detectives noticed that the two had unfollowed each other on social media. The two had dated for quite some time and had even gotten engaged before hell broke loose.

The relationship between  Ezra and Isha was not a walk in the park as the two had broken up and made up quite a number of times. Nonetheless, whenever they appeared on the streets of social media together, they were the ultimate couple goals.

Back in 2020. Isha shared screenshots, proving that her man was a fisi. She shared pictures and text messages of girls who had come out to say that Ezra had cheated on Isha with them. She even accused Ezra of also sleeping with Weezdom's ex girlfriend Mylee Staicey.

According to Isha, Ezra was also physically abusive to her, particularly when she would find out that he had cheated on her. This led to a lot of drama and a breakup. Ezra denied Isha's accusations saying that she was tarnishing his name with no proof. Ezra even accused Isha of being capable of killing him, “We have never been in touch since the breakup and someone who can do this can poison your food or stab you at night.”

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Ezra himself claimed that Isha was cheating on him with Avril's boyfriend J Blessing. He said that the producer tried to hit on Isha during their breakup:

 “When we had broken up, there is this person who is in the entertainment industry, who asked me for Isha’s number. He told me he wanted to reconcile us only to find out that he went to hit on my girl. This person is none other than J Blessing. He was my friend but I don’t consider him a friend anymore.”

However, the breakup was short-lived and Ezra and Isha reunited after a couple of weeks apart. Isha took Ezra back after rumors that he was getting involved with Tanasha Donna, as the dancer was spotted getting cozy with Tanasha at her all-white celebrity party.

Since their latest break-up, Isha has been rumored to be seeing a new white man which could mean that there is no chance of reconciling again.

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