"Hope Iyo Title Deed Iko Kwa Jina Lako"

Fans react to Hamo's EXPENSIVE gift to Jemutai!

By  | Jul 21, 2021, 11:54 AM  | Drama

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We've all been fed the lie that people -especially men, do not have the capacity to change. Many people believe in giving up on others but some people just aren't like that. A perfect example is Jemutai. Just after their drama, which almost became the biggest scandal in comedy's history after people found out that the two had not just been shacking up, they had had two children!
The drama was ginormous and the fallout between the two was said to have been an even bigger scandal!

Now the two are thicker than thieves and it seems like Jemutai was right to put her trust in Hamo again. This time it has paid off immensely because Hamo has gifted her one of the biggest and the most expensive items any girl could wish to be gifted.
Hamo just took to his social media this morning to reveal that he had bought Jemutai a piece of land, and Jemutai even went further and revealed that they were planning to build a house on it together.

"hamoprofI know we've been through alot but it's not how we start but how we finish that matters, it took time for you to believe that I wanted my family to be together and happy, it's still work in progress but this is a start. I can build a house,you'll definitely make it a home"

"iamjemutaiSee God🙏
Thank you 😊 my heart is full.
Let's build a home"
From the looks of it, the two are keen on making their association a real one and planning to cement their supposed love.
Man people have taken this move rather seriously, and have taken liberties to comment what they truly feel about their coming together again.
A large majority of the people offered their congratulations, wondering aloud whatJemutai did to make Hamo a changed man.
Others made statements saying how they believed everybody deserved a second chance like the one she gave him.

Other's told Jemutai that they aspired to be like her because they couldn't muster up the courage to forgive him if they were in her position.
Many congratulated him for having the courage to stand up and own his mistakes, even qualifying him for 'the men's champion's league!'
On the other hand, some people were still in disbelief that the two were able to set down their differences, and most of them were on Jemutai's page.
Some came through with the 'Mlitucheza aki'
Others commented that they hoped that the title deed was in her name because it would otherwise end in Premium tears!
Others still felt betrayed with how she forgave him, expressing that everybody took their time to insult him yet she took him back!
Other's also commented that this was the kind of News that Edagra Oare was supposed to spread but didn't.

Others plainly called her idiotic!
The truth is, while some of the comments were extremely negative, they still made sense to many others.
Jemutai needed to make sure that the title deed was in her name and shouldn't have been too quick in forgiving him. 
Granted, however, they may have simply been collaborating for endorsements and their entire association may have been for internet clout. After all, Jemutai is a  mother of two and what could bring in more clout than forgiving the person that was emotionally abusive towards you!  
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